Better late than never

As society stumbles and fumbles its way back to some kind of normality, we begin to realize that life as it was, the life we knew and were comfortable with is a far better option to the one we have had to endure for the last six months. The sharp slap in face which awakens us to everything we took for granted is not dissimilar to the rude awakening that punches us in the belly when we realize how much we prefer the company of our ex as opposed to the company of our current partner. READ MORE

A level – Fail

This has not been a normal year, nothing about it has been what we might have expected when we embarked on 2020 and saw off 2019 almost nine months ago. Every year however one thing remains constant and that is the stream of hungry ambitious students embarking on their final school year with the promise of university and a new academic adventure on the horizon. READ MORE

Bulk SMS Tips and Tricks

When working with bulk SMS marketing, just as with anything, the details are all important. In order to get the most out of your bulk SMS, you have to make sure that you include certain elements. So let’s look through a list of tips, tricks, and details that will help you get the most out of your SMS marketing. READ MORE

Key Things to Know about Mobile Billing

We do love to go to the movies. The very thought of going to the cinema is something that brightens up most of our days. Let’s face it, going to movies is a process, it begins with deciding who we should go with, this is stage one, we then progress to stage two which is usually what movie we should see? Stage three what cinema complex has the best screen for the identified film as such cinema location needs to be considered and finally stage four is the post cinema decision of dinner or drinks. READ MORE

The Movie of Our Life

We do love to go to the movies. The very thought of going to the cinema is something that brightens up most of our days. Let’s face it, going to movies is a process, it begins with deciding who we should go with, this is stage one, we then progress to stage two which is usually what movie we should see? Stage three what cinema complex has the best screen for the identified film as such cinema location needs to be considered and finally stage four is the post cinema decision of dinner or drinks. READ MORE

The synergy between Mobile Billing and Mobile Gaming

Escapism is an incredible phenomenon. To delve into recreational pursuits can both serve as a form of relaxation and an alternative way to stimulate the mind. In the enclosing contexts of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have turned books, TV, indoor exercise, and gaming to feed such stimulation. The latter has had a considerable impact on the overall digital industry in recent years. READ MORE

Behind Closed Doors

Things are starting to return to the way they were, and as much as that seems exciting and overdue, a lot of what we are going to be doing and experiencing will be at a distance perhaps two meters perhaps one but certainly at a distance. READ MORE

Mobile billing for adult services surges

Everything is changing and some things have changed forever. Is mobile billing for adult services the logical addition to your adult business during lockdown? READ MORE

Charity donations during a global pandemic

The world has been forced to adapt to a 'new normal' at a record pace due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has resulted in some major changes to the way we adapt, live and conduct business. READ MORE

The new normal!

One thing we can be certain of in this new world is that things will never be the same and the way we interact with friends, family and business colleagues will take on a totally new dimension. We have most definitely learnt through the Covid-19 experience that although we miss human interaction as a society, we can still get things done. READ MORE

Innovative Ideas for SMS Marketing – Part 2

Last week, I shared a few innovative ideas for bulk SMS marketing. But SMS has so much potential that we were just able to cover the surface. So, let’s look into some more great ideas that tap into the potential of SMS and boost the success of your business. READ MORE

Social Distance - Nothing New!

We are being told to keep our distance, we are being told to stay at home, we are being told to change the way we communicate with each other, we are being instructed to carry out what appears to be foreign and unfamiliar behavior patterns to save lives and protect a health service on its knees and yet we complain how difficult this is and what an invasive and uncomfortable intrusion this is on our lives. Why? READ MORE

Staying in touch without Touch

We always knew and have always known, that our mobile phones are what keep us connected. Whether its SMS, WhatsApp, email, TIK TOK Twitter or yes even voice there is a certain sense of security knowing we can stay in touch. Fast forward 2020 and the world is gripped by the single biggest threat since world war 2 and people need to stay in touch without touch. READ MORE

Mind the Gap

On a northern line train running from Edgware through to Charing Cross I was taken by two things, the total metropolitan and cosmopolitan feel of London. London is a truly a global city, and the amazing and exciting thing about riding the tube and taking public transport is that we can immerse ourselves in it. No two people on my Northern line train appeared to originate from the same country. The other very noticeable thing is that everyone was using a mobile device. READ MORE

Are we bored of voting – Text your answer!

The UK may finally have seen the end of what has turned out to be a laborious 3 years which has culminated in a 3rd general election in the last five. The Constant uncertainty surrounding the political future of the nation has kept dinner conversation heated, office chat stimulating and in some cases pillow talk interesting. One thing is for certain, where there is opinion, where there is debate and where there is argument there is always room for a vote. Mobivate and the author think it would be interesting to look at the impact of the simple SMS and its impact on voting and voting patterns, timing is everything do you agree? – text your answer to ………… READ MORE

Key Benefits of Mobile Billing

Mobile billing. It’s been around forever. Whether you’ve used the service yourself, or just received deals that gave you the option, you’ve run into it before. But, despite the fact that mobile billing has been out there longer than most other modern billing options, it’s only now hitting its heyday. READ MORE

Does 2020 Offer clarity? and idiomatic perspective!

Much has been said about the ability to view things clearly, start afresh or consider new opportunities when embarking on a new year. The question facing business is whether human behavior has the same levels of motivation for business change as it does for personal change and enhancement? A new broom sweeps clean as they say, do business owners have the confidence to adopt new strategies whilst disposing of old legacy processes which may have been slowly degrading the effectiveness of their business success. It is often harder and more difficult to embark on business change as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth and the decision-making process is cumbersome and complex, whereas a personal decision is just that personal and not dependent on multiple influencers and stakeholders. READ MORE

How a Call Centre Can Boost Your Bottom Line

The world of eCommerce today is aggressive and competitive. There’s no doubt about that. But one of the great things is that this competition has become customer-centred. Your customers want quick, high quality responses and prompt results. We want it now, how and when we want it, with good information to back our decisions. And the thing is, with the tools and technology available for all businesses regardless of size, you can provide this for your customers. READ MORE

MobiPay: Tapping into Africa with mobile payments

Daniel Balfour and Cristina Trujillo from our MobiPay division discuss the opportunities for mobile payments and mobile money in Africa. Mobipay solutions provide mobile billing and Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and the UK. READ MORE

Top SMS Trends and Tips for 2020

SMS marketing has been around for a while now, and with the explosion of online marketing trends and ecommerce, you may be wondering if it’s even worth it to include it in your campaign. Short answer: absolutely. In fact, bulk SMS marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred marketing channels worldwide. It’s a great way to expand your marketing presence through multiple channels and reach customers more effectively than with any other method. READ MORE

Challenging Communication Convention

We live in an age where mature and established do not guarantee value and return on investment. Gone are the days when because an organization was large, had been around for a long time, and had a massive database of existing customers that this would mean they were the only option as a supplier. In todays connected digital economy and, in an environment, which grows ever more competitive, opportunity grows rapidly for smaller hungrier and more agile businesses to erode the monopolies previously held by legacy monoliths. Smaller businesses will succeed and champion the role as challengers in their field. This could not be more evident than in the telecommunications industry a fast moving digitally driven sector now at the cusp of a challenger revolution. READ MORE

Bulk Text Messaging in 2019 – Key Tips to Help You Boost Traffic and Increase Sales

By now, you already know that bulk text messaging is one of the best ways to reach out to your clients and get your products or services out there cheaply. And this is more true than ever in 2019. Mass texting is still the fastest way to reach your clients, has a 90% open rate, and has the highest penetration levels of all forms of advertisement. Customers tend to trust your business more when it offers SMS capabilities, and more than 90% will tend to opt in to brand-based messages. READ MORE

My SMS Day

Anyone underestimating the impact and effect that the SMS has on our daily lives will be in for a surprise. We do not realise just how much we have come to depend on the ping our hand held device delivers and the sheer scale and power of communication is shares. In any given day we may receive a selection of messages that not only allow us to communicate with our peers, but also messages that will help shape and drive our day. READ MORE

How to Choose the Right Bulk SMS Provider for You

Ok, so you’re sold. You know you want to make bulk SMS marketing a part of your business strategy. What’s the next step? Are all service provider’s created equal? And if not, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? READ MORE

Mobile Billing Trends for 2019

Mobile billing has been expanding steadily alongside the digital explosion transforming every aspect of sales and communication, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the trend is picking up steam, making it more important than ever to work with a bulk SMS service provider for your business. READ MORE

SMS - The future!

Some of us are long enough in the tooth to remember the launch of that revolutionarily technology the fax machine. That very same technology that is now pretty much obsolete. Many an office has a fax machine and probably a box of fax roll on a shelf in a storeroom gathering dust. READ MORE

Strange and interesting facts about SMS service and text technology

When a technology becomes so commoditized that getting through the day without it seems implausible it becomes a little harder to take a backward step and look at the lighter side of its value. Not many people sit back and consider interesting facts about water gas and electricity as a utility or even in a more contemporary environment the strange ways in which WIFI has impacted our day-to-day lives. READ MORE

Game Changer

From time to time an industry is optimized by renewed functionality that awakens an already robust environment empowering renewed engagement and driving significant revenue growth. READ MORE

5 Key Tips to Make Your Bulk SMS Successful

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reach your entire client base. And it can have amazing results – if you do it right. One of the big keys is that it is focused on clients that have a preexisting relationship with you. You already know that they want your product or service. They’ve been working with you already, so you know that they have interest in what you have to offer. Perhaps they’ve opted in after a previous purchase or after exploring your site. Either way, this interest gives you and edge and a chance to make the most of the connection. READ MORE

Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems

It takes a lot to keep up with the digital age. Social media marketing, mobile-friendly sites, continually evolving SEO techniques. Another great business tool is the virtual phone number. In many ways, it’s much like a standard phone number. It allows interested parties to reach you by phone, lets them use their favourite mobile device to reach out and purchase your product or service. The great thing is that virtual phone numbers offer several added benefits. READ MORE

Why Your Business Should be Making Use of Direct Carrier Billing

Since smartphones came on the scene, the market has been filled with a wide variety of payment solutions. Credit and debit cards are a classic, which earns them a good bit of trust. But they're just the beginning. Mobile wallets are becoming more popular, and other solutions like iDeal and NFC are on the rise. But there's another relatively traditional mobile payment option that has a strong history but is only now beginning to gain real popularity. This is Direct Carrier Billing, or DCB. READ MORE

AI Machine learning and Bulk SMS

Communicating with our customers and prospective customers in a manner that encourages engagement, whether transactional, committal or reactionary is the Holy Grail when budgets are tight. READ MORE

Bulk Digital Marketing – The heart of the matter.

In the digital world that envelopes us, and with the abundance of multi media messages being rocketed around the ether, the challenge facing business marketers is not what to say or who to say it to, but how to land it. READ MORE

Keys to a Great SMS Marketing Campaign

How many times have you received an email, and then just mark it read? You know the ones I'm talking about. Those emails that look like they're from somebody trying to sell you something. Now think about your texts. How many unread texts do you have on your phone at this very moment? READ MORE

What is the Power of Bulk SMS?

The face of online advertising is changing every day. Each day, we see changes in how buyers connect with sellers, how consumers connect with businesses. The digital era brings us ever closer to the point where online sales tip the balance and become more prevalent than physical sales. But the key to all of this is marketing. If customers don't know you're there, they can't buy from you. That's why bulk SMS is the key to the future. It's the center of mobile marketing strategy, an essential step in making your product visible to those that want to buy it. READ MORE

The User's Guide to SMS and Mobile Marketing for 2019

Marketing is, hands down, the most important aspect of any business. After all, if people don't know you're out there, they won't be able to purchase your products or services. But, with such a wide range of different marketing mediums available, where is your money best spent? READ MORE

Mobile Bulk SMS 101

Text messaging marketing is one of the most important components to a successful advertising campaign. Mobile bulk SMS can reach everyone with a mobile phone. That means more than half the people on the planet, and more every day. Plus, recent statistics show that 98% of all text messages are opened. This means that you reach more people with SMS marketing than any other form of advertisement. You can also set the messages to send in different languages, showcase your brand and special offers, and gather information to refine your message for your target audience. READ MORE

How Bulk SMS Can Diversify Your Traffic

A successful online advertising campaign in the current digital world incorporates a number of different elements. You're probably already familiar with many of these: email campaigns, link building, SEO, websites, banners and display ads, social media. And, if you know a thing or two about internet marketing, you also know the importance of SMS marketing. SMS, or bulk text messaging, lets you send out brief messages to clients through their mobile phones. Premium SMS can be used to inform customers of new deals or products, reach new clients, and tailor your advertisement to a target demographic. READ MORE

New business is just a text away, just hit send!

Unlike email, which is a useful business tool, SMS is a very personal platform, and most bulk SMS platforms allow senders to capitalize on this personalization by tailoring content to specific individuals, industries and social environments. READ MORE

5 Business Benefits of Mobile Marketing

In an age where mobiles and smartphones are always an arms length away there is no greater way to improve your business than with mobile marketing. By adopting a Bulk text messaging approach either as a stand-alone tool or as part of your multichannel strategy you can reach your clients anywhere, anytime. Here are 5 benefits of adopting a mobile marketing campaign within your business. READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Works for your Customers

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a messaging go-to for many businesses as either a direct marketing channel or as part of a multi-channel approach. With so many people owning mobile phones, SMS excels as an effective communication tool. Here are 5 reasons why your customers want you to use SMS texts for your marketing campaigns. READ MORE

Our Top Tips for Bulk SMS Success

In recent times SMS has gained in popularity and now companies and individuals all over the world send SMS all day everyday! Now, as one of the most powerful and effective tools of communication available, it is easier than ever to send Bulk SMS from a pc- a type of online texting- to multiple mobile phone handsets simultaneously. There are many different texting campaigns to benefit from, such as greeting messages, notifications or marketing and transactional campaigns. It is important to choose the right one for your business and convey the perfect message to make use of this very present communication channel. READ MORE

Looking for different Marketing Campaigns? Look no further...

In 2008 British surgeon David Nott performed a life-saving operation on a wounded teenager whilst volunteering in Congo. He received step-by-step instructions on how to perform the surgery from a colleague via text message. The operation was successful. READ MORE

Bulk SMS- the contact channel to suit you best

Starting out as a simple festive greeting in the wintery UK in December 1992, SMS messaging has blossomed and is now one of our staple communication channels. Our go-to for a quick response, whether it's a simple yes/no, wishing your friend a happy birthday or letting someone know you're running late. It's hard to think where we'd be without it. READ MORE