10 Great Benefits of Text Marketing: Why Text Marketing Is For You

10 Benefits of Text Marketing and Bulk SMS

You don't need to be a large business to benefit from or use text marketing! We're sharing the 10 benefits of text marketing and bulk SMS in this post!

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Chances are you have been subject to a bulk SMS from a huge company advertising to you. But did you know that you don't need to be a large business to benefit from the use of text marketing?

Various platforms have opened up so that you can make the most of this great opportunity and reel in some new customers.

In this short post we are going to give you the low down on '10 great benefits of text marketing and why text marketing is for you.'

Let's get to it!

10 benefits of bulk SMS for your business.

1. It has the highest conversion rate advertising has to offer.

Did you know that 98% of all SMS's are opened? This is staggering when compared to the comparatively low 22% open rate the average email has.

Higher conversion rates mean more sales for your business and a more cost-effective marketing strategy.

2. Easy to opt in and opt out.

With bulk SMS it is an extremely simple process for customers to interact with your business - even if it means opting out of further updates.

This is important as it will prevent people becoming frustrated with your business, but on the flip side allows customers to easily interact to receive more information.

Customers can text simple keywords that correspond with a preset autoresponder to fulfill their requests - such as sending them your business's website.

3. Allows you to build a reachable community.

Many businesses have been hit hard after the organic reach of pages on Facebook have been severely cut back.

'Reachpocalypse' has made it extremely difficult to achieve a good engagement now on the most popular social media site and even some of the largest pages who have spent a lot of money and many years building their Facebook community are now turning to other methods.

With text marketing, it puts the control back into your hands so you don't have to rely on a middle platform that can change their policies at any time.

4. Bulk SMS's don't require an internet connection.

Your message doesn't rely on your customer's accessibility to wi-fi or their data allowance.

Most texts are read by users within 15 minutes of receiving them. This means that more people will see your SMS and see it sooner.

One of the problems with emails is that if your customer isn't checking their inbox close to the time you emailed them, then it is likely that it will get lost among other messages and never opened.

People aren't likely to delete an SMS without reading it, whereas users frequently 'mass-delete' or 'mass-mark-as-read' in their email inbox.

5. Almost everybody uses text.

With 81% of American using text, it offers the largest marketing platform out there.

Many people who cannot be advertised to on social media (because they don't have active accounts) can be reached via text.

This may be extremely beneficial depending on your target demographic as it provides a way to interact with customers who otherwise are unreachable.

6. Bulk SMS makes your business literally reachable.

Did you know that 91% of US citizens have their mobile device within arms reach 24/7?

This means you can put your business within close proximity of your customers.

7. SMS is a reliable platform.

Ever since the first SMS was sent in 1992 - saying 'Merry Christmas' -trillions have been sent since.

The technology is almost 25 years old which means that it is reliable and can be counted on by your business.

Despite the smartphone revolution, it doesn't look like SMS is going anywhere anytime soon.

In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, found that, "97% of smartphone owners used text messaging...making it the most widely-used basic feature or app."

This shows that SMS is still holding up in the modern age despite one in four smartphone users not using their device to make phone calls on a weekly basis.

Many younger users also admit they prefer to receive a text instead of a phone call, which is great news for those of us who use text marketing.

8. It is permission based marketing.

This is really important. Bulk SMS is not spam. You will only be sending texts to people who actually want to hear from you.

No longer do you have to waste money marketing to people who don't have any interest in your company. Now you can target the people who actually care.

Due to this reason, it makes text-marketing one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising that exists.

9. It's a flexible, customizable platform.

When you create a bulk SMS, you don't have to send it straight away. Messages can be scheduled to go out at a specific time meaning you can choose the optimum time for conversion rates.

There are lots of other great features to give your customers a tailored experience such as customizing messages to call the receiver by their name.

This can really help with engagement and help clients feel valued and connected.

10. It saves you time and money.

Email is still a great viable marketing platform, but often requires a lot of work to be put in only to receive minimal results.

It can take hours to craft the perfect email with the right design, graphics, and layout.

With Bulk SMS however, sometimes all it takes is for you to type out a few sentences.

Users wouldn't respond well if you sent them a plain email with less than one paragraph of text, but for an SMS not only is that completely appropriate, but it is almost expected.

This means that text marketing is something that can easily be added to your current advertising strategy. It's easy to set up and you may as well try it.

Costs are minimal with prices starting from 1.9p per SMS which is incredible considering what you would spend on a Facebook or Instagram campaign.

Using bulk SMS and text marketing.

We at Mobivate are a dynamic team who work hard to maintain powerful SMS gateways and add value to our clients' businesses.

To harness the marketing potential of bulk SMS be sure to check out our range of services and pricing.

We are so committed to providing an excellent service for our clients that we have made it available for you to call us on our mobiles so you can get to know us and discover the best plan available for your company.

Thank you very much for reading this post on the '10 Benefits of Text Marketing and Bulk SMS. We hope you found it useful and look forward to working with you soon.

10 Great Benefits of Text Marketing: Why Text Marketing Is For You

Mobivate - Bulk SMS and Bulk Texting Messaging

1. What can Bulk SMS messages possibly do for you?

Well… Mobivate’s Bulk texting SMS service has extended the efficiency and longevity of the old SMS by giving companies the capability of sending numerous SMS's very easily. Whether you want to reach one or thousands of individuals, bulk text messaging delivers an easy, dependable and cost effective way to keep in contact.

Reaching masses of people who are always on the go used to be problematic if not intolerable. Bulk SMS messaging is the only messaging medium that’s capable of getting to groups of people very quickly, irrespective of where they currently are.

Bulk text messaging also gives you numerous benefits over other methods of communication. Research has made evident that SMS texting has the ability to access almost immediately, a huge quantity of people with mobile connectivity. Plus, who isn’t connected via a mobile these days? Mobile users also show a high likelihood of reading the SMS messages too.

Effective SMS Marketing has to be grounded on consent. As it’s very difficult for a person to actually stop inbound messages, it’s vital that you ensure the recipient either wants the SMS message or that they find the message to be somewhat beneficial to them. Sending unwelcome messages to individuals could be detrimental to your trade. Working with the customer to make sure they want the message is key to success.

For starters, offer the potential or current customer some concrete incentives for giving you their mobile contact info. If possible, consider offering a discount in the first message or at some point during the initial contact period.

Once they’ve signed up and have replied to your enticement, be sure to build up the incentive over time, especially for loyal customers. Keep the motivations fresh by contributing diverse types of incentives. This will also allow you to evaluate the impact of the different incentives.

The key is always to make the bulk text messaging as tailored as you can.

There are three universal objectives that most of marketing tries to attain. These are: to scale up business from current customers, gain new patrons in well-known and fresh marketplaces, and to expand profits.

The messages you distribute will be dictated by these objectives. Establishing which goal you want to reach is vital to generating a clear message that leaves an impression on the receiver. Before drafting the bulk text SMS it’s important to define what action you want the receiver to take. This is too how you will gauge the success of your labours.

To do all of this and attain the marketing aims in a bulk SMS of 160 characters does take considerable preparation, but when used appropriately, it’s one of the unsurpassed methods of reaching people at a low cost with a high level of reaction.

We are fanatical about bulk text SMS messaging and have been in the industry for 11 years. Thousands of companies trust Mobivate to look after their bulk SMS marketing so that they can successfully and efficiently connect with their customers, staff and suppliers using the best quality routes in the industry.

Mobivate - Bulk SMS and Bulk Texting Messaging

5 Business Benefits of Mobile Marketing

In an age where mobiles and smartphones are always an arms length away there is no greater way to improve your business than with mobile marketing. By adopting a Bulk text messaging approach either as a stand-alone tool or as part of your multichannel strategy you can reach your clients anywhere, anytime. Here are 5 benefits of adopting a mobile marketing campaign within your business.

1. Increase open and engagement rates

With eight times the engagement rate of email marketing, SMS messaging is an extremely effective communication tool. The immediacy and directness of SMS means that recipients open almost 100% of messages.

2. It can save you money

Another benefit of bulk SMS is that it is an affordable approach to marketing campaigns. With SMS gateways available that offer no setup or monthly fees, no contracts to sign and no commitment deals you can find an affordable rate that suits you. Mobivate pride themselves on offering the most cost effective Bulk SMS solution in the world- best price guaranteed!

3. It can save you valuable time

These days smartphones are always at hand but the internet is not always freely available. By using 2G you can get your marketing campaign sent directly to your client wherever they are, often at a much faster rate than an email. With a high open rate you can also guarantee a quick response from the recipient saving you valuable time.

4. There’s still a huge gap in the market

Many businesses are yet to utilise this marketing solution. This means that if you adopt a proactive SMS strategy using a reliable SMS gateway, you are more than likely getting ahead of your competitors by staying on trend. Research suggests that SMS is the top communication channel as chosen by customers so stay ahead of the game and utilise the gap in this very large market.

5. It’s easy to set up and use

Bulk SMS is a simple, fast and low cost way to communicate. Mobivate offers a mobile messaging service that is so versatile it is used by start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and by the most established brands in the world. Not only can it be used as a direct stand-alone tool but can be used in conjunction with other communication platforms to enhance your multi-channel approach.

5 Business Benefits of Mobile Marketing

5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Works for your Customers

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a messaging go-to for many businesses as either a direct marketing channel or as part of a multi-channel approach. With so many people owning mobile phones, SMS excels as an effective communication tool. Here are 5 reasons why your customers want you to use SMS texts for your marketing campaigns.

1. The preferred medium

If your marketing campaign includes offers then your customers want to know! We all know that the majority of people own phones but not everyone has ever received an SMS from a business, meaning there’s a huge gap in the market. Your customers are waiting for offers, so why not send it to them via a channel that isn’t full of spam, unlike emails, so they can get to it right away.

2. Immediacy

No more sifting through emails, answering lengthy unwanted phone calls or letting post pile up through the letterbox. We all like receiving texts, especially when we benefit from an offer, are notified of a sale or are reminded of an important appointment. The immediacy of SMS messaging suits us all.

3. Convenience

Online texting can be benefited by including your branding always a ‘senders name’. This will guarantee the recipient knows who the message is from and will prompt them to acknowledge your message more readily than using a number. A dynamic approach is to personalise your campaigns to the individual. Use the recipients name for that added touch.

4. Simplicity

In accordance with its immediacy and convenience an SMS messaging service is easy for your customer to respond to. With simple, short directions within your message your customer is more likely to engage with your campaign. You can also alert a customer by SMS when they have an email waiting to stop them missing it amongst the spam.

5. Positive advertising

The majority of your customers appreciate an SMS message, so it will always look good if you are catering to their needs. By using a mobile messaging campaign your customers know that you understand that their time is important. In a world that is heavily reliant on technology, using SMS will show that your business is progressing and is staying at the forefront of the trend.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Works for your Customers

Our Top Tips for Bulk SMS Success

In recent times SMS has gained in popularity and now companies and individuals all over the world send SMS all day everyday! Now, as one of the most powerful and effective tools of communication available, it is easier than ever to send Bulk SMS from a pc- a type of online texting- to multiple mobile phone handsets simultaneously. There are many different texting campaigns to benefit from, such as greeting messages, notifications or marketing and transactional campaigns. It is important to choose the right one for your business and convey the perfect message to make use of this very present communication channel.

So here’s how to get the best from your bulk SMS…


It’s understandable that price can be a deciding factor when it comes to any decision regarding an enterprise, with ‘the cheaper the better’ being the common mantra. However with bulk SMS you need to be sure you’re getting quality and most importantly, reliability from your SMS gateway, which is often that not balanced with price. At Mobivate you are provided with a best pricing guarantee for the same high quality and reliability of service. When your mobile marketing campaigns look sleek and arrive when scheduled, your brand looks good and so does your business.

Precise Mailing lists

To get the most from your campaigns ensure your messages are sent to the correct recipients. For example, when using grouped contacts you should clean up your data so that you remove invalid numbers and duplicates from your mailing lists. Make sure all the numbers you send to are connected to a network; ensuring all messages will be received.


Online texting can be benefited by including your branding always a ‘senders name’. This will guarantee the recipient knows who the message is from and will prompt them to acknowledge your message more readily than using a number. A dynamic approach is to personalise your campaigns to the individual. Use the recipients name for that added touch.


Make sure you are sending out messages that are appealing to the recipients or will benefit them in some way. Keep the content concise to grab the recipient’s attention. A short message and a simple reply option are more likely to engage a response. Sending schedule

Sending schedule

Understand your target audience. When sending online text campaigns, make sure you have multiple options that will suit your recipients. Either send immediately or schedulemessages to go out at a desired date or time depending on the best time for your contactsto receive your SMS. Sending messages to go out over a period of hours is also beneficial.For example, your SMS may be encouraging your target audience to call in to a helpline orcall centre, and therefore sending slowly will ease the phone line, allowing a moremanageable task.

Our Top Tips for Bulk SMS Success

Looking for different Marketing Campaigns? Look no further...

In 2008 British surgeon David Nott performed a life-saving operation on a wounded teenager whilst volunteering in Congo. He received step-by-step instructions on how to perform the surgery from a colleague via text message. The operation was successful.

23 years ago, when this powerful tool was invented, the world of communication changed forever, especially the world of marketing! Communication is the only way to get your business seen and heard, everyone is busy focusing on the latest technology and impressive, cutting-edge marketing campaigns, but let’s not forget about SMS.

There are many factors which make Bulk SMS a brilliant marketing tool to use, many industries are already using this to improve their business’s overall performance and customer satisfaction.

NHS saved £3,000 on nurse appointments and £15,000 in GP appointments annually by using bulk SMS for patient appointment reminders.

National Express, the travel company saved an estimated £8,500 annually by offering SMS tickets as an alternative to printed tickets.

The average person now spends more time on their phone and laptop than sleeping study claims, so what better way to get their attention than putting the message right there in their hands!

SMS is the fastest form of communication, they are quick to send, quick to read and quick to respond to. Once sent into a bulk SMS gateway, it takes seconds for the messages to be sent out, so it definitely is the speediest way to market your business!

There are no spam filters on inboxes so you know for sure your customer will open and read the message without fail, but be careful as you want to build good relationships so don’t spam them as they will unsubscribe to the service. Use the tool responsibly and gain their attention at the right time. It is all about engaging, listening and interacting, when executing a bulk SMS campaign, you can offer your customers the opportunity to respond to either short code numbers which is normally around five digits, or a full-length mobile numbers.

You can make this really easy and convenient for your customers, they can be anywhere doing anything; on a train, at home, on their sofa, whether it’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ response, useful information for them to read is more convenient for your customers than receiving; mail, calls or emails.

Sending an SMS is cheap compared to many other forms of communication, however the real money-saving does come from the benefits of bulk SMS, Mobivate is the world’s leading mobile messaging specialists who deal with Bulk SMS every hour, every day! Their prices start as little as 3p.

The most important factor of all is… how efficient and friendly it is to the environment, with no printing and no paper, there is no waste! There is no transportation, this equals; no fuel, meaning there are huge environmental benefits to bulk SMS and it is great for companies that are constantly looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

So what are you waiting for!

Get your business out there in the hands of your customers!

Looking for different Marketing Campaigns? Look no further...

Bulk SMS- the contact channel to suit you best

Starting out as a simple festive greeting in the wintery UK in December 1992, SMS messaging has blossomed and is now one of our staple communication channels. Our go-to for a quick response, whether it’s a simple yes/no, wishing your friend a happy birthday or letting someone know you’re running late. It’s hard to think where we’d be without it.

SMS has become one of the most powerful and effective tools for person-to-person communication available so there is no reason why this simple medium can’t be applied to your business too. In the form of bulk SMS, where a message is sent from a PC or via API or SMPP (commonly referred to as A2P), reaching out directly to your market audience has never been easier. Bulk SMS is the distribution of a single message to multiple mobile phone handsets simultaneously, creating a cost-effective communication service, that won’t impose on your customers.

A multiple use service

Bulk SMS is so versatile it is used by enterprises of all sizes and by the most established brands in the world. There are many forms of bulk SMS solutions that can be applied to your business whatever the size. From marketing and transactional SMS to appointment reminders there’s something to suit all.

The fundamental approach, in an age of email-overload, is to have short, prompt messages received and understood. Some of the most common use of A2P SMS are alerts, notifications and marketing messages such as confirmation messages or flight alerts. Bulk SMS is ideal for a business that has an acquired list of opt-in numbers of existing or potential customers.

A2P messaging can be responded to. For example, logistics companies can send simple SMS requests to customers about a delivery schedule and then give customers options to confirm that delivery with a simple response.

But what about instant messaging apps?

Like all modern technologies, communication systems can quickly become out-dated. As the use of online instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Skype and Viber increase in popularity, is SMS still effective? The simple answer is yes! In the present day almost everyone owns a mobile, but not everyone owns a smartphone. It is a staple medium that is simple to use both for you and your customers through a 2G network. When your communication channels are only via the internet or landline you are limiting your market audience and ineffectively communicating to your existing customers. The open rate of SMS is over 97% so it’s widely known to be one of the best, most cost effective, guaranteed ways to communicate.

Using SMS as a contact medium grabs the customer’s attention more readily than anemail, and therefore is beneficial for time-dependent situations. In an age where everything appears to be more instant, bulk messaging can focus on achieving value rather than just volume, making bulk SMS the channel that always delivers.

Bulk SMS- the contact channel to suit you best