Top UK SMS Marketing Services Strategies for Small Business

Blog Image: Top UK SMS Marketing Services Strategies for Small Business

What if you were overlooking the best way to market your business? In the UK, 54% of users are engaged with text messages for their favourite businesses. Therefore, your own business needs to create mobile marketing campaigns to reach more users. How can you make the most of your SMS marketing services, though? Here are a few of the most effective strategies!

Focus on Benefits to Consumers

One of the most effective strategies for SMS marketing services is quite simple. You need to make sure your messages focus on benefits to consumers. Customers don't like messages that are just basic ads. But they are very appreciative if you are sending discounts and other promotions. And they enjoy the opportunity to win things for free (such as prizes). More customers will regularly engage with your messages when they realise you are offering them real value.

Announce Time-Sensitive Offers

Bulk SMS marketing is very effective for promoting a sense of urgency. This works well if you use the texts to announce time-sensitive offers. For example, you could tell customers about a one-day sale that ends at midnight. Or about the fact that inventory is low on one of your most popular items, so now is the time to buy it. Certain businesses can use these texts to get more customers on slower days. Restaurants, for instance, might offer a free side dish to customers who come in on Wednesdays before 7:00pm.

Reward Customer Loyalty

You want to build up a group of loyal customers who engage with your text message marketing. To do this, your texts should include types of content that reward this loyalty.One method is to create a customer loyalty reward program. By allowing customers to participate via text and offering concrete rewards, you can keep them coming back to their phones. Another method is offering exclusive content and special offers. This may range from behind-the-scenes looks at your company to special coupons available only via text.

Keep Things Simple

It can be tempting to add many "bells and whistles" to your mobile marketing campaigns. However, one reason customers enjoy text message marketing is that it is simple and straightforward. That is why your messages should be equally simple. That includes straightforward content and messaging, but it also includes how customers interact with your messages. Customers don't want to answer too many questions to sign up for your messages. And they certainly don't want to jump through too many hoops to unsubscribe. By making both subscribing and unsubscribing simple and painless, you will reach and convert more customers while staying in accordance with the law.

SMS Marketing Services: Your Next Move

Now you know how to make your text message marketing more effective. But do you know where to find the SMS marketing services that can take your business to the next level? Here at Mobivate, we specialise in helping small businesses like your own reach more customers than ever before. To see what we can do for your business, just contact us today!