Schedule dynamic campaigns that occur repeatedly or periodically.

Use special events (like birthdays) as triggers for touchpoints.

Customise and set rules easily

The Recurring app gives you a dynamic opportunity to
deliver engaging, insightful and relative customer information
on an ongoing basis.

Key Features

Special promotions

Send special promotions to your customers linked to a specific date like their birthday

Repeat Orders

Send reminders for repeat orders (like for a subscription service or for repeat prescriptions)

Multi Channel

Send your Recurring Campaign using SMS, Voice messaging or dynamic messaging

Smart Scheduling

Mobivate’s Recurring app dynamically schedules campaigns for events that fall on a different date each year. For example Black Friday.

Customisable Date Rules:

Have total control over when recurring campaigns are sent

Customisable Timing

Select the time you’d like your campaign to be sent based on your customer’s timezone

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We can automatically schedule any events that are linked to a religious holiday, and therefore are listed on universal calendars.