SMS messaging in real-time across the globe

5 - 8 digit shortcode numbers

Buy urls to manage opt outs

Standard length longcodes for many countries

Send and receive sms make and receive calls from the same number local to your customer


Specific actions can be triggered based on the keyword used in the SMS message. For example, mobile numbers, of your customers that send a SMS with the keyword “quote”, can be forwarded to a sales agent.


The biggest selection of international sms and voice enabled longcodes available.

Used to send and receive texts and make and receive calls from the same number.

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You can purchase both long and short codes on the Mobivate Platform, simply go to your Resources app. You can also buy them, when prompted, within the specific App you’re using.

The charge per code will depend on your locations and the amount you need. Get in touch with us to quote you.

Yes. If you operate in different countries you may need to purchase long or short codes per location. Get in touch with us to make sure we provide you with the best possible solution.