Reduce your reliance on fixed landlines. Eliminate the need for staff mobile phones. Virtual Phone gives you the features of a landline and mobile without tying you down to a location.

  • Appear local
  • Global reach
  • No fixed contracts
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Key Features

Appear local

Purchase local numbers so that your customers can make calls to you on a local number

Customise your caller ID

So that your customers can recognise who you are easily when you call them

Record your phone calls

Perfect for training, quality assessment and customer care purposes

Call Logs

Access your customers’ contact details from your Mobivate contacts list, meaning you never need to switch or share data across different systems. Additionally, you’ll be able to recognise which customer is calling you when you receive a call from them.


Review the number of incoming and outbound calls made, their duration, location and costs through the Call Log

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Sign up is free - No credit card required

Contacts is just one of our new apps in our state-of-the art portal

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Simply log into your Mobivate account and activate the Virtual Phone service. You’ll be able to receive and make calls from your PC.

We charge rental for each number you require, a fixed cost for each dial-out and fees based on on the duration of the call. Pricing will be dependent on regions and volumes - get in touch with us to find out more!

If you don’t have sufficient credit in your account ahad of making a call, you run the risk of having your call cut off. Auto Top-up stops this from happening by automatically topping up your credit (an amount that can be selected by you) when you reach your low balance threshold.

Your customers will be able to leave you a voicemail which you can retrieve as soon as you’re back online.

“Having a virtual phone, saved me the hassle of installing a
landline and gave me more flexibility to move my business. Not
having a contract has saved both time, money and resources.”

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