Add an extra layer of security for your customers when they
log in to your apps and websites

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    Your customers will
    be sent a one time
    passwords (OTP)

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    Verify your customer
    whenever they login
    to their account

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    Ensure that the
    mobile number is

  • Increase security
  • Verify numbers
  • Reduce fake sign ups
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Mobivate’s 2FA can be used globally. We simply generate and
verify one time passwords giving you the extra security you need.

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2FA is just one of many new apps in our state-of-the art portal.

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It is immediate.
Only the Mobile number field.
The use of the 2FA platform is FREE. We only charge you standard Mobivate SMS costs for the PIN message that is sent out.
The user can enter the number in their own local format and we take care of fixing it into a international format as long as they select the correct country.

“A simple and quick implementation, HTML code delivered instantly
to copy and paste.”

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