4.Message Received

Hi Mark Smith, We have a sale on today. Visit our store and quote SALE101 before 01 September.


Send SMS Online

3 Simple steps:

Jack Shoes
My Customers December Promo
My Customers December Promo
SMS Marketing
Hi Mark Smith, your shoes will be delivered today. To get a 25% discount on your next purchase reply YES to 68006.
Send Message

1.Select sender name

This will show on the recipients phone and display the sender details of the SMS. This could be a number or a name.

2.Select mailing list

Select the list/s of mobile numbers you wish to send to.

3.Compose Message

Write the SMS message and select the time of day you want it to go out, which could be immediately or scheduled for a later time and day or sent slowly over a number of hours.

[ICON]Mobivate does the rest! Simple as that.

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Messages go DIRECT through mobile networks We only supply grey or sim farm bulk SMS routes upon request.

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Buy data from data suppliers

Mobivate does not sell data but has relationships with partners that do. If you need data, please send the demographic to bulksms@mobivate.com and we will arrange a quote for you. Our data partners have anything and everything so you can be as selective as you want, i.e. men aged 25-30 who are employed, live in London and own a car.

Obtaining Mobile Data


Existing Data

Existing data from your existing clients.


Obtain a shortcode or a longcode from Mobivate

Obtain a shortcode or a longcode from Mobivate and advertise asking people to opt in to your database. The best way to entice people to opt in is a great offer.

An example: SMS PIZZA to 84101 to join our pizza club and qualify for incredible specials and a free drink on your next visit.


Creating Mailing Lists

Cleaning data

Before you upload or paste your lists clean up your data. Use our proprietary tool to remove invalid numbers and duplicates. This is FREE and available on www.fix.mobivatebulksms.com or even better login to Mobivate and run a HLR which will tell you whether numbers are connected to a network or not.

HLR costs £0.005 per number and is not available in the following countries: Italy, Republic of Korea, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Slovakia, South Africa, United States.

Pasting data

From the Manage Contacts Page:

  1. Create a New Mailing List
  2. Click on Paste Contacts and paste up to 5 columns of information.

Uploading a CSV or excel file

From the Manage Contacts Page:

  1. Create a New Mailing List
  2. Click on the upload button for the list and upload up to 15 columns of information

Sending SMS Online

Sender name

Enter a sender name of your choice. Maximum 11 letters or 17 numbers.

Composing a message

Compose a SMS message. Each SMS is 160 characters. Mobivate supports long messages too. You can personalise each SMS using up to 15 custom fields.

EXAMPLE - %NAMEFIRST, your Mercedes-Benz has been booked for a service at the %CUSTOM1 service centre.

Sending campaigns

  1. Immediately – click on the SEND button and your SMS messages will go out straight away.
  2. Schedule – schedule messages to go out at a desired date, time and timezone (based on city selected)
  3. Slowly – send messages to go out over a period of hours. This is very useful when there is a call to action that requires human input – EXAMPLE SMS SENT – TO OBTAIN THE BEST CAR INSURANCE QUOTE IN THIS COUNTRY PLEASE CALL 555 555 555 RIGHT NOW. Sending slowly would ensure the call centre is not flooded with calls.
  • No Contract
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Minimum Order
  • Pay and Send

Best Pricing Guaranteed. Prices Start 1.9 p per SMS.

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