Bulk SMS- the contact channel to suit you best

Blog Image: Bulk SMS- the contact channel to suit you best

Starting out as a simple festive greeting in the wintery UK in December 1992, SMS messaging has blossomed and is now one of our staple communication channels. Our go-to for a quick response, whether it's a simple yes/no, wishing your friend a happy birthday or letting someone know you're running late. It's hard to think where we'd be without it.

SMS has become one of the most powerful and effective tools for person-to-person communication available so there is no reason why this simple medium can't be applied to your business too. In the form of bulk SMS, where a message is sent from a PC or via API or SMPP (commonly referred to as A2P), reaching out directly to your market audience has never been easier. Bulk SMS is the distribution of a single message to multiple mobile phone handsets simultaneously, creating a cost-effective communication service, that won't impose on your customers.

A multiple use service

Bulk SMS is so versatile it is used by enterprises of all sizes and by the most established brands in the world. There are many forms of bulk SMS solutions that can be applied to your business whatever the size. From marketing and transactional SMS to appointment reminders there's something to suit all.

The fundamental approach, in an age of email-overload, is to have short, prompt messages received and understood. Some of the most common use of A2P SMS are alerts, notifications and marketing messages such as confirmation messages or flight alerts. Bulk SMS is ideal for a business that has an acquired list of opt-in numbers of existing or potential customers.

A2P messaging can be responded to. For example, logistics companies can send simple SMS requests to customers about a delivery schedule and then give customers options to confirm that delivery with a simple response.

But what about instant messaging apps?

Like all modern technologies, communication systems can quickly become out-dated. As the use of online instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Skype and Viber increase in popularity, is SMS still effective? The simple answer is yes! In the present day almost everyone owns a mobile, but not everyone owns a smartphone. It is a staple medium that is simple to use both for you and your customers through a 2G network. When your communication channels are only via the internet or landline you are limiting your market audience and ineffectively communicating to your existing customers. The open rate of SMS is over 97% so it's widely known to be one of the best, most cost effective, guaranteed ways to communicate.

Using SMS as a contact medium grabs the customer's attention more readily than anemail, and therefore is beneficial for time-dependent situations. In an age where everything appears to be more instant, bulk messaging can focus on achieving value rather than just volume, making bulk SMS the channel that always delivers.