How Bulk SMS Can Diversify Your Traffic

Blog Image: How Bulk SMS Can Diversify Your Traffic

A successful online advertising campaign in the current digital world incorporates a number of different elements. You're probably already familiar with many of these: email campaigns, link building, SEO, websites, banners and display ads, social media. And, if you know a thing or two about internet marketing, you also know the importance of SMS marketing. SMS, or bulk text messaging, lets you send out brief messages to clients through their mobile phones. Premium SMS can be used to inform customers of new deals or products, reach new clients, and tailor your advertisement to a target demographic.

But with so many other means available, why is SMS so critical for online marketing? What is it about mobile bulk SMS that allows you to diversify traffic to your website, generate more leads, and boost your conversion rates?

  1. Mobile bulk SMS is one of the most inexpensive ways to reach a large volume of clients.

    There's huge value for your advertising dollar here. Cheap text marketing can send your offers out over thousands of customers at the same time. And, if you've identified your target demographic, this means very little investment and the potential for a high return.

  2. It's easier (and faster) to receive texts than to read emails or explore advertising banners.

    Who do you know who doesn't have a mobile phone? There might be a few people in your circle that steadfastly resist the innovation of current technology, but the number is small and steadily dwindling. Mobile bulk SMS doesn't depend on a working computer and internet connection. And it only takes a moment to read a short text message. This means that your advertising will reach a higher percentage of potential clients.

  3. You reach a more diverse audience right from the start, and at the same time.

    Since so many people have mobile phones, it means that your message reaches a wide range of people with different interests. Bulk text messaging easily reaches all existing customers and extends your reach to potential new customers as well. Most people have their phones on them at all times, which means that once a message is sent out, it reaches everyone pretty much at once. Add to that a culturally diverse and tech savvy audience, and you have a wide net to bring in new leads quickly.

  4. You can tailor the message to your target clientele.

    If you know your demographics interests and internet habits, you can shape your advertising to reach the clients interested in your products and services. Mobile bulk SMS can be sent in different languages to reach more customers. They can be used to send out surveys to gather information on your customers and broaden the customer base. Put this all together, and you have a practically unbeatable tool to increase conversions.

Now that we've explored the benefits of mobile bulk SMS for diversifying traffic and generating leads, the next step is to look into the tips and techniques for designing your bulk messaging campaign. Check out Bulk SMS 101 to explore how to include premium rate SMS in your online marketing strategy.