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What can Bulk SMS messages possibly do for you?

Well… Mobivate's Bulk texting SMS service has extended the efficiency and longevity of the old SMS by giving companies the capability of sending numerous SMS's very easily. Whether you want to reach one or thousands of individuals, bulk text messaging delivers an easy, dependable and cost effective way to keep in contact.

Reaching masses of people who are always on the go used to be problematic if not intolerable. Bulk SMS messaging is the only messaging medium that's capable of getting to groups of people very quickly, irrespective of where they currently are.

Bulk text messaging also gives you numerous benefits over other methods of communication. Research has made evident that SMS texting has the ability to access almost immediately, a huge quantity of people with mobile connectivity. Plus, who isn't connected via a mobile these days? Mobile users also show a high likelihood of reading the SMS messages too.

Effective SMS Marketing has to be grounded on consent. As it's very difficult for a person to actually stop inbound messages, it's vital that you ensure the recipient either wants the SMS message or that they find the message to be somewhat beneficial to them. Sending unwelcome messages to individuals could be detrimental to your trade. Working with the customer to make sure they want the message is key to success.

For starters, offer the potential or current customer some concrete incentives for giving you their mobile contact info. If possible, consider offering a discount in the first message or at some point during the initial contact period.

Once they've signed up and have replied to your enticement, be sure to build up the incentive over time, especially for loyal customers. Keep the motivations fresh by contributing diverse types of incentives. This will also allow you to evaluate the impact of the different incentives.

The key is always to make the bulk text messaging as tailored as you can.

There are three universal objectives that most of marketing tries to attain. These are: to scale up business from current customers, gain new patrons in well-known and fresh marketplaces, and to expand profits.

The messages you distribute will be dictated by these objectives. Establishing which goal you want to reach is vital to generating a clear message that leaves an impression on the receiver. Before drafting the bulk text SMS it's important to define what action you want the receiver to take. This is too how you will gauge the success of your labours.

To do all of this and attain the marketing aims in a bulk SMS of 160 characters does take considerable preparation, but when used appropriately, it's one of the unsurpassed methods of reaching people at a low cost with a high level of reaction.

We are fanatical about bulk text SMS messaging and have been in the industry for 11 years. Thousands of companies trust Mobivate to look after their bulk SMS marketing so that they can successfully and efficiently connect with their customers, staff and suppliers using the best quality routes in the industry.