Great Reasons You Need Premium SMS In Your Marketing Strategy

Blog Image:  Great Reasons You Need Premium SMS In Your Marketing Strategy

Premium SMS is one of the oldest ways to pay for goods or services with a mobile phone and it offers some tremendous benefits when used as part of an SMS marketing strategy. So what is premium SMS? In short, you set up a certain number that charges your customers a set fee when they send a message to it. This allows your customers to pay for their services with an SMS message, no card details required. Ready to learn more about the benefits of this service? Then read on!

1. An Easy Way to Monetize Services and Products

The first SMS text message was sent back in 1992, long before Apple Pay and Google Wallet made mobile payment a breeze. As such, premium SMS was one of the first ways to use your mobile phone as a payment method and, to this day, it's still one of the best methods available. If your customers receive a text message, then need to visit a website to pay for the product or service, it will naturally fall onto the back burner. It's something they can do later.

If all they need to do is send a message to a number, their job is a lot easier. This simple payment method could be a powerful pro for your conversion rate.

2. Increased Billing Security

As the customer doesn't need to offer you any payment details, both you and they can rest assured knowing that the payment method is secure. This is a boon for both of you: there's less sensitive data that you need to worry about and there are no security concerns for the customer.

3. Easy to Judge a Campaign's Success

Due to the low effort that a premium SMS purchase requires, gauging a campaign's success is very easy. You can take a look and see how many text messages the premium number has received and compare it to other campaigns that you've run. If you are receiving fewer text messages for a certain product or a certain campaign, you can take a closer look at the fine details of it. Is there something that the other campaign is doing better? Can you learn from it and apply it to your other campaigns?

4. No Technical Setup Is Required

If you want to use Apple Pay or Google Wallet, you need to go through a fairly lengthy process. With a premium SMS number, the set-up is far from technical. You can create the number, specify the billing costs for a text to it, and then start using it. The process is a lot easier and the set-up is fast, easy, and simple.

Start Using a Premium SMS Number Today

Premium SMS has a lot of advantages for businesses, even today, so why not start using it in your SMS marketing campaigns? We're here to help you get started. If you'd like to learn more about premium SMS or start using it, get in touch with us today.