3 Ways Startup Companies Can Use SMS Marketing

Blog Image: 3 Ways Startup Companies Can Use SMS Marketing

When you’re trying to market your company, you need to get a little creative with how you approach it. Customers don’t answer telemarketing calls anymore, and more than half the time, emails get deleted without ever getting opened. How can you connect with your customers if they’re shutting you down on every marketing channel you try?One great way to reach your customers is through SMS marketing. Read on to learn more about this marketing strategy and how it can work for your company.

1. Provide Rapid Customer Service

One of the best things about SMS marketing is that it allows you to provide almost instantaneous customer service. With the right automation, your system can send customers personalized text messages as soon as they hit a certain trigger. These messages are not only more convenient for the customer, but they allow your team to focus on more complex issues, too. This kind of customer service may be focused on retaining your existing customer base, but it can actually help you grow your revenues, too. Satisfied customers will be more likely to recommend your business to a friend, and word of mouth is some of the most powerful marketing you have. Positive reviews can also help to improve your business’s SEO.

2. Nurture Leads

When you’re trying to nurture new leads, SMS is one of the best tools you have. These days, people want to text, not talk on the phone, and using SMS to develop that relationship can keep those leads happy. It can also make your marketers more efficient, allowing them to reach more people in the same amount of time.

Try texting your leads about new deals, exclusive sales, and upcoming discount days. Instead of emailing them when they abandon a shopping cart, why not text them with a coupon they can’t resist? Just make sure you’re keeping the number of texts you send to a reasonable number; too many and you’ll find yourself blocked.

3. Streamline Internal Operations

You might also be surprised to learn that SMS can help your marketing team to work more efficiently from within, too. How many times has someone on your team run in late to a meeting because they forgot about it until the last minute? How many times has a project gotten delayed because someone forgot to send a file or didn’t copy the right person on an email?

Internal text automation can solve all of those issues and keep your team running smoother than ever. You can send out meeting reminders, schedules, and recaps so everyone stays on the same page. You can even set up automation systems to send reminder texts about to-dos until the person checks off that box.

Learn How to Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be a fantastic tool for your team to interact with customers, as well as with each other. You can nurture leads, care for current customers, and streamline your internal operations all with the power of text. Set up the right automation systems and you’ll be shocked how much your marketing team can accomplish in the same amount of time.

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