Pro Tips for Promoting Mobile Billing to Your Users

Blog Image: Pro Tips for Promoting Mobile Billing to Your Users

Ok. So you’re sold on mobile billing. But here’s the thing. How are you going to get the ball rolling?

Direct carrier billing is great, but if you want it to work, you have to let your customers know about it. This is especially important with new customers as well. Mobile billing revenues are higher when the customers are clear on the payment method from the outset.

Here are a few ideas to help you engage new clients and get existing clients tuned in to your mobile billing practices:

  1. Use bulk SMS marketing!

    Ok. You probably saw that coming. But really, SMS marketing is perfectly designed for mobile billing. This is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to reach out to all of your clients, when you want to reach out to them. But, if you’re wanting to add another few methods to the mix, read on…

  2. Keep your Website Updated

    If you have a mobile billing campaign, or if you’re just beginning one, it’s important to make sure that your site reflects it. Offer a bit of information about the benefits of mobile billing, as well as FAQ and support materials.

  3. Send out an Email Newsletter

    Emails are a great way to let your users know about your mobile billing methods. You can also include links that will direct them to the mobile billing landing page on your website.

  4. Get it out there on Social Media

    Social media is an ideal channel for sharing new opportunities and changes to your business practice. When you begin your mobile billing campaign, back it up with a push on all of your social media channels. You can also use these channels to give your customers the chance to opt in to your SMS campaign. You can also incentivise your customers to share the news to their friends, offering special deals or VIP services in return for referrals.

  5. Mobile Billing Discounts!

    Everybody loves a great deal. One way to generate a bit of a hype and get the channels flowing is to offer special promotions and discounts for mobile billing users. You can send special coupons and other deals directly to people who pay by phone.

It’s important to remember that mobile billing has access to some places that credit cards don’t reach. Because of this, it’s important to target your marketing plan to those you can’t reach in other ways. These should be people who are in your target demographic – those who are interested in what you have to offer – who don’t have access to a credit card. Think about including the following in your mobile billing campaign:

  • Behavioral Targeting: Mobile billing is a great way to turn traffic into a conversion. Often users show interest, but never take the next step. If this is because they don’t have a credit card, then mobile billing gives them access to your product in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise have. They may be not only willing, but happy to make a purchase by phone.
  • Demographical Targeting: Younger consumers are less likely to have credit cards than mobile phones. So, if your customer is under 35, it’s a possibility that the mobile phone is the only way they have to purchase something online.
  • Geographical Targeting: In many less developed parts of the world, credit cards are harder to come by for most people. However, phones have gotten everywhere. With a mobile billing campaign, you can reach into Asia, Africa, and Latin America, offering your product or service across the world.
  • Revenue-Based Targeting: The ideal approach is to look over user behavior and tailor your mobile billing campaign to fit. Pay attention to user spending and focus your mobile billing where the money is flowing.

If you have any questions about mobile billing, or if it’s time to include mobile billing in your marketing campaign, feel free to contact us. At Mobivate, we upgrade your business.