Our Top 5 Tips To Make Sure They Read Your Messages: SMS Marketing

Blog Image: Our Top 5 Tips To Make Sure They Read Your Messages: SMS Marketing

What if your marketing strategy was basically just messages in bottles? When done right, SMS marketing is one of the greatest ways to build your brand and boost your bottom line. But if your customers aren't actually reading the messages, then you need to change your approach. Want to ensure your customers read your texts? Check out our top five tips you can start using today!

1. Personalize Messages

One of the best things you can do with your SMS marketing is to make things personal. And that means sending customers texts that utilize their names. You can take personalization a step further by integrating info you have about customers. For example, if someone mentioned a goal to you a few months ago, you can send a text that references this goal. This approach helps your customers feel valued by your business.

2. The Right Time

Customers typically read texts right away. But to boost the click-through rates, you must send the right texts at the right time. For example, don't send anything too late at night or too early in the morning. And try to target certain texts to certain times, like a restaurant sending a "free appetizer" offer out a couple of hours before dinnertime. Try splitting your customers into groups and sending different texts at different times until you discover what works best for most consumers.

3. Short and Simple

There is an art to good SMS marketing. The texts must be short and simple to accommodate both customer attention span and text message limitations. At the same time, you must get their attention, build interest, and entice them into your Call to Action (CTA). This is where a little personality can go a long way. Incorporating demographic-friendly humour into your texts can help build your brand and make customers happy they read the message.

4. Clear CTA

Every marketing text has a primary purpose: you want customers to take a specific action. That is why your SMS marketing must feature clear and direct CTAs for customers to follow. The offer needs to be very specific, like "show this text to your server before 9:00 pm tonight to receive a free appetizer." But the language in and around the offer should make customers feel happy and grateful for the offer. Remember, everyone must opt-in to these messages. Do your best to make those who have done so feel like part of a very exclusive group of customers.

5. Link Out to Other Channels

Your customers are generally reading these messages on smartphones. You can take advantage of this by linking out to your company's content on other channels and platforms. For example, you can easily link customers to your Facebook page or a landing page. And you can use URL shorteners online so that linking doesn't cut too far into your character limit. Finally, even simple reminders for customers to check their e-mail for special offers can boost your click-through rates.

5.SMS Marketing: What's Next?

Now you know some of our best SMS marketing tips. But do you know how to take your marketing to the next level? We specialize in SMS marketing, phone marketing, mobile billing, and more. To see what we can do for your business, contact us today!