Our Top Tips for Bulk SMS Success

Blog Image: Our Top Tips for Bulk SMS Success

In recent times SMS has gained in popularity and now companies and individuals all over the world send SMS all day everyday! Now, as one of the most powerful and effective tools of communication available, it is easier than ever to send Bulk SMS from a pc- a type of online texting- to multiple mobile phone handsets simultaneously. There are many different texting campaigns to benefit from, such as greeting messages, notifications or marketing and transactional campaigns. It is important to choose the right one for your business and convey the perfect message to make use of this very present communication channel.

So here's how to get the best from your bulk SMS…


It's understandable that price can be a deciding factor when it comes to any decision regarding an enterprise, with ‘the cheaper the better' being the common mantra. However with bulk SMS you need to be sure you're getting quality and most importantly, reliability from your SMS gateway, which is often that not balanced with price. At Mobivate you are provided with a best pricing guarantee for the same high quality and reliability of service. When your mobile marketing campaigns look sleek and arrive when scheduled, your brand looks good and so does your business.

Precise Mailing lists

To get the most from your campaigns ensure your messages are sent to the correct recipients. For example, when using grouped contacts you should clean up your data so that you remove invalid numbers and duplicates from your mailing lists. Make sure all the numbers you send to are connected to a network; ensuring all messages will be received.


Online texting can be benefited by including your branding always a ‘senders name'. This will guarantee the recipient knows who the message is from and will prompt them to acknowledge your message more readily than using a number. A dynamic approach is to personalise your campaigns to the individual. Use the recipients name for that added touch.


Make sure you are sending out messages that are appealing to the recipients or will benefit them in some way. Keep the content concise to grab the recipient's attention. A short message and a simple reply option are more likely to engage a response. Sending schedule

Sending schedule

Understand your target audience. When sending online text campaigns, make sure you have multiple options that will suit your recipients. Either send immediately or schedulemessages to go out at a desired date or time depending on the best time for your contactsto receive your SMS. Sending messages to go out over a period of hours is also beneficial.For example, your SMS may be encouraging your target audience to call in to a helpline orcall centre, and therefore sending slowly will ease the phone line, allowing a moremanageable task.