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Send and receive SMS worldwide from Mobivate, our world-class online SMS portal. Developers connect via simple API or SMPP.

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Powerful, Reliable, Simple

Key System Features

Route Selection

Multiple routes offered. Select route based on required price, reliability & desired delivery speed.

Alphanumeric Sender Name

Set the sender name as a word (e.g. business name) or a number. Perfect for branding. e.g. show MOBIVATE as the sender name.

Send Text Messages Online

Select the route, set the sender name, upload or paste one or multiple mobile numbers, type your SMS and send.

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Receive Text Messages Online

Receive replies to SMS campaigns or receive text messages independently of sending, using keywords & shortcodes or shared or dedicated longcodes.

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Auto Responders

Set auto replies to SMS received. Forward replies to E-mail, mobile, URL or add to opt-outs, a mailing list or a unique inbox.

Personalise SMS Messages

Upload first name, last name plus another 15 custom fields to personalise messages.

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More Features

Send Slowly Feature

Select to spread delivery over a number of hours.

Paste Multiple Columns

5 columns for pasting data. One for the mobile number, 4 for any custom fields of your choice.

E-mail to SMS

Send an email with a csv file to an E-mail address provided by us and we will deliver the contents of the CSV file via SMS.

URL Shortner

If a URL is detected in your SMS message, Mobivate will give you the option to shorten the URL, which can then be tracked and clicks monitored for every SMS

Birthday SMS

Never miss a birthday of your customers again. Upload a file with their name, phone number and birthday, enter the message and Mobivate will automatically do the send for you

Specific Reporting

Export reports based on message delivery status. e.g. only export messages that failed or were delivered or all.

Auto Bespoke Reporting

Automatically receive bespoke reports as and when you require, sent straight to your E-mail.

HLR Check

Run a HLR check (home location register) to check the database of the mobile networks and see if a number is valid or not, which network it is on and whether it is ported.

SMPP Connectivity

We offer SMPP (short message peer to peer) connectivity. Ideal for large sending at incredibly fast speeds. SMPP is the telecommunication protocol for sending SMS messages

“Text messaging is a powerful mobile marketing tool for small businesses. SMS marketing is cheap, easy and immediate”

Leading Companies Trust Mobivate


Send out SMS messages to give great value offers to their existing customers who have ordered before. Outstanding marketing. Increased revenue.


Send SMS messages to confirm time and date for service appointments. Much fewer missed or forgotten appointments means increased efficiency and revenue.


Send SMS messages to applicants for car loans when a suitable lender is found. Instant communication. Fast lending.


Not convinced? See what our customers are saying.

“Mobivate is fantastic to deal with. Using their vast knowledge and industry experience, combined with their exceptional business skills and international connectivity, the Mobivate team were able to navigate us through our mobile content business. They are reliable and their customer service is outstanding. We look forward to continuing our strong and trusted relationship into the future.”

Ryan Berman / Hyper Local

“Always friendly fast support and so easy to integrate with any system. I can integrate it even on Filemaker and PHP with great ease. They give you a few good methods to talk to the system and their statistics are amazing.”

Juva Joshua

“It has been a great experience using mobivate. Company has done well since having implemented this service. ”

Sara Faraaz
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