Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems

Blog Image: Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems

It takes a lot to keep up with the digital age. Social media marketing, mobile-friendly sites, continually evolving SEO techniques. Another great business tool is the virtual phone number. In many ways, it’s much like a standard phone number. It allows interested parties to reach you by phone, lets them use their favourite mobile device to reach out and purchase your product or service. The great thing is that virtual phone numbers offer several added benefits.

First of all, standard phone numbers are attached to a single device. One office, one physical phone, etc. It’s easy to manage, but the number only reaches one location. It can be a hassle to forward the number or reach it from another location. Virtual numbers provide a simple solution. They can be reached through any device and offer a main access point that allows customers to reach you. Plus, you can easily forward calls to any location you like. A simple online adjustment lets you direct the call to any desired location.

Another benefit is that your personal number can be kept private. If you are conducting business from your cellphone, you may not wish everyone you contact to have your number. And, with the growth of small online businesses, this is becoming more of a challenge every day. A virtual phone number is more professional, providing a dedicated line devoted solely to business. It allows you to run your business through any mobile device while maintaining your privacy.

With a virtual phone number, you can assign a dedicated line to each employee. You can also connect the entire business to a single office line. Office calls will show the company on the caller ID, while each employee can call clients with a number that reflects their own personal line. This simplifies incoming calls, as the office can have a single line that accesses the entire employee pool, while follow ups can be made by employees assigned to a particular customer or account. With a traditional phone system, this would require the installation of many separate phone lines, or a series of extensions assigned to each employee. I can require multiple phone bills or complicated installation. Plus, the customer will have to wade through the extension system each time they wish to reach a given person. Virtual phone systems let you set this up in less than an hour and with minimal costs.

Finally, you can change a virtual number any time you want to. Just enter your online dashboard, and you’ve changed the number with a few quick clicks. It gives you all the benefits of a standard phone number with a fraction of the hassles. If you’d like to find out about how you can use a virtual phone number to improve your business, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to provide a free consultation to see how bulk SMS messaging, mobile billing, virtual phone systems, or other online products can streamline your business and boost your bottom line.