Key Benefits of Mobile Billing

Blog Image: Key Benefits of Mobile Billing

Mobile billing. It’s been around forever. Whether you’ve used the service yourself, or just received deals that gave you the option, you’ve run into it before. But, despite the fact that mobile billing has been out there longer than most other modern billing options, it’s only now hitting its heyday.

Mobile billing, also called Direct Carrier Billing or Mobile Content Billing, is one of the most convenient ways to set up a complete sales interaction. From the offer, to the click to pay, your customer has seen the deal and charged it to their carrier in a minimum of steps. The absolute ease and broad reach makes it an essential part of any premium SMS campaign. And, though people have been using this method for decades, there are some innovative ways it’s being applied as we move further into the new millennium. Here are just a few suggestions and facts to get you thinking:

  1. TV Talent Show Voting & Donations

    This is one of the earlier ideas that made use of mobile billing. During live TV talent shows, the audience was encouraged to send a text to give their vote. Charities or political parties offered the same convenience when encouraging their constituents or patrons to donate money. The money is paid directly through their carrier, and then the amount is added to the mobile bill at the end of the payment period.

  2. Smartphones

    With the advent of the smart phone, the entire way that we relate with the online world has changed. We now have access to internet and apps at a moment’s notice. Mobile billing is the #1 solution for people who want to monetize their apps. But it doesn’t stop there. As of this year, every major social media channel features posts that are used for direct sales. If you offer mobile billing and a bulk SMS marketing service, you can dramatically increase your conversions for these sales.

  3. #1 in Convenience

    Mobile billing is, hands down, the easiest and fastest payment method on the market. You can pay with a click, and there’s no need to input bank account numbers and credit card information. This means it’s more secure than most other methods. Compared to other online methods, you get high payouts, low revenue leakage, and the option to use flexible charging price points. Plus, customer service is made easy, and the transaction is 100% transparent, visible through the customer’s phone bill.

  4. Global Reach

    Another great feature of mobile billing is that it has a global reach of 5 billion mobile phones. Compare that to only three billion credit cards. Plus, since the customer just has to click yes to buy, that outreach amounts to significantly more conversions than other methods. It takes only seconds and doesn’t require the customer to fill out lengthy forms. Cheap SMS marketing can let you take advantage of this awesome reach and reliability.

  5. Security

    Last but not least, the security of mobile billing makes it second to none, especially in this information-sensitive era. No payment details go online, no personal information is put forth. Zero digital risk.

If you’d like to know more about mobile billing, or you’re looking to boost your business with bulk SMS, feel free to contact us. At Mobivate, we know the world of SMS marketing.