How to Send Text Messages to Your Customers Without Bothering Them

Blog Image: How to Send Text Messages to Your Customers Without Bothering Them

SMS marketing sounds great, but nobody wants to annoy their customers. It can already be difficult to get customers to trust you with valuable information like their mobile number, so you need to strike a delicate balance between persistence and patience.

But how? Especially when you and your business are fighting with numerous other competitors sending customers promotional messages, you need every tool in your toolbox to stand out and retain customers.

That's why it's downright imperative to make sure you're not pestering customers. Learn how to send text messages to your customers without bothering them.

Upon signup, let your customer know what to expect

Did you know that customers actually prefer SMS marketing? Step one of mobile domination is usually the hardest: getting customers to agree to give you their mobile number.

Getting a customer to sign up for your SMS campaign can be one of the toughest tasks in marketing. Put your customer base at ease by keeping them in the loop when they sign up.

Before they opt in, go over the exact details and reasons why it's in their benefit to sign up for your SMS marketing. Text marketing is permission based advertising, so earning the trust of your audience is key. If you're going to send text messages to clients, they'll want to know why.

Proper SMS marketing needs to be practical

When done right, text marketing can be a fantastic and effective tool to reach your customers in a different manner. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to use SMS marketing, including a near instantaneous delivery of your message to your customer.

Don't text your customers unless there's a very good reason. Think about how many times your phone goes off throughout the day. They're dealing with the same thing, so you should aim to keep texts short and sweet and practical to their needs.

Put yourself in your customers' shoes: think about how frequently they're bombarded with advertisements. You'll need to stand out and stand out well.

This goes beyond text marketing, too. Between emails, billboards, television advertisements, print ads, and web ads, people are being bombarded with more advertisements than ever.

Don't waste their time with things they'll likely just ignore.

Always offer your customer something

This premise works in conjunction with our last step. Never send a text message that doesn't give your customer an incentive to return to your business.

Your customers are going to look for reasons not to pay attention to your advertising; make it tough but incentivizing their time. Coupons and limited time offers are great examples of two proven ways to keep your audience engaged.

If your company offers coupons, consider utilizing QR codes, which are quick to design and easy for the customer to use.

Manage your marketing: keep track of retention rates

If you're not getting responses or seeing purchases from customers due to SMS marketing, what's the point? They're not buying your goods or services, and you're likely bothering them.

Consider removing customers periodically if they don't respond at least semi-regularly. If you do this, be sure to give to give them a heads-up in case they choose to stay on board.

This is particularly important if you're using bulk SMS services, as it'll help you get the most out of your time and money.

Opt in for opting out

Remember earlier when we discussed how annoying advertisements can be? It's even worse when the means of opting out isn't cleverly hidden.

Always, always, always give your customers the ability to opt out of your SMS marketing! Not only does it give the customer an out, but it shows that you recognize how valuable their time and mobile device are.

Obviously, you're looking to send text messages that are engaging to your audience, but this is an extra step that shows you care.

Send text messages to keep customers informed

SMS marketing is a great way to keep clients informed on order updates.

For instance, if you work within the healthcare industry and need to remind a patient of an upcoming appointment, a simple SMS message will be more efficient than a phone call.

Be sure to include specific information such as the date and time of their appointment for extra clarity.

Or if you're a mechanic, utilizing individualized SMS messaging is a fantastic resource for keeping a customer up to date on the status of their car. Doesn't that just sound more convenient than traditional marketing?

Timing is important

Ever get one of those texts in the middle of the night that wakes you from a peaceful slumber? It can be downright infuriating, can't it? Keep your SMS marketing to early to mid afternoon.

This will require a bit of experimentation on your part, so mess around with bulk texting on different days of the week and at different times. Consider blasting your campaign to customers right before the weekend, for instance.

Get personal

You'll want to customize your messages as much as possible. Include their name and promotions relevant to their previous purchases. This shows that they're more than just a number to you.

You realize that your clients are valuable, but as a consumer, it doesn't always feel that way. Personalization is a quick and easy way to come across as friendly and gain your audience's trust.

SMS marketing makes this easy, so when you send text messages to your customers, double check that it comes across as friendly and not obnoxious.


If you're going to send text messages to customers, aim to do so as little as possible. first, data plans still exist in many parts of the world. You may take up a customer's valuable data and end up costing them money that could otherwise be spent with your business.

First, data plans still exist in many parts of the world. You may take up a customer's valuable data and end up costing them money that could otherwise be spent with your business.

Second, the only thing blasting your customers with texts achieves is ensuring you'll get on their nerves - and quickly. Be sparing when using SMS marketing and make sure you're not going overboard.

How to get started

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