Direct Carrier Billing

DCB is a mobile billing method that is becoming very popular. It is initiated by a simple click to buy. DCB is continuing to rollout on many mobile networks around the globe. The implementation of DCB varies with each mobile network, however, all the complexities and the integration is managed for you by our team of mobile billing specialists. DCB provides an improved user experience with services that are promoted online or on mobile web. A mobile user can make a purchase without ending their web session resulting in higher conversion rates.

Speak to your Mobivate account manager to see how DCB can assist with your services.


Online Billing Services

OBS is a variation of a direct billing service. OBS is now made available cross carrier in South Africa. A unique feature of South Africa’s OBS is that it provides a ‘silent billing’ model for subscription services. There is no additional requirement for a SMS billing receipt to be sent. OBS enables multiple tariff billing through one simple API connection.


Service Delivery Platform

SDP is a platform that manages the mobile billing process and is being adopted by carriers in a number of our markets. The network implementation does vary based on the mobile carrier’s preferences. SDP gives greater control and protections to the mobile user to ensure a positive user experience. For the content or service provider it often allows greater billing flexibility and multiple price points from a single service. Our professional team at Mobivate will guide you on how SDP can improve your service offering.

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