How to Connect With Seniors Using a Bulk Texting Service

Blog Image: How to Connect With Seniors Using a Bulk Texting Service

What if your company was overlooking the single best way to market to seniors? Many companies overlook text messages when it comes to reaching senior citizens. However, a whopping 90% of seniors use text messages to stay connected to others! That means that, with the help of a bulk texting service, you can reach countless seniors with the click of a button. Here are just a few of our ways of connecting with seniors via texting!

Get to the Point

Most prospective customers prefer you get to the point. However, seniors especially have little time to read emails that waste their time. Therefore, when using a bulk testing service to reach seniors, you need to emphasise the benefits as soon as possible. For example, if you are sending a coupon or other special offer, make that clear in the first line and start disclosing details as soon as possible.

Make It Visual

The good news is that seniors are likely to open the text message when you send it. The bad news is that if you send a big wall of text, they are less likely to read the message or engage with its contents. The solution? Your bulk SMS texting strategy should involve finding ways to make the messages more visual. Imagery makes your messages "pop" off the screen, and such texts will be similar enough to email messaging that seniors may be more comfortable with.

Be Relatable

Seniors are very accustomed to 90% of modern marketing catering to younger demographics. If you want to relate to seniors, then messages sent via text service need to contain very relatable content.A restaurant sending out offers for free appetisers might emphasise that dinner is a great way to bond with the grandchildren. Photographers might send out messages about how photos create perfect memories and help bring the family together. Long story short? You need first to understand the values and concerns that seniors have. You can then send marketing copy they can relate to.

Cosy and Conversational

One thing that turns seniors off is marketing copy that is trying to aggressively sell them something. Instead, they prefer marketing copy that is cosy and conversational. It can be difficult for your company to find the balance before you begin bulk text marketing. As we noted before, your messages need to quickly get to the benefits you have to offer. At the same time, your audience doesn't want to feel like your message is rushing them to read it. Once you find that balance, you will have more conversions and a better bottom line than ever before!

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