AI Machine learning and Bulk SMS

Blog Image: AI Machine learning and Bulk SMS

Communicating with our customers and prospective customers in a manner that encourages engagement, whether transactional, committal or reactionary is the Holy Grail when budgets are tight.

Marketers should now be asking themselves, how can we message smarter? How can we learn from past behaviour and predict future behaviour? Is it possible to send out bulk sms messaging and determine accurately in advance what responses may look like or even better ensure we get the answers we require?

Bulk marketing, has always tended to be more of that shot gun approach as opposed to the clinical sniper shot, but with the advances in AI and machine learning bulk sms marketing has become more accountable and attractive as a marketing tool.

AI is the here and now, no longer is it something scientists and technologists refer to in journals, and as a result bulk sms marketing can benefit immediately from what machines learn in a far quicker and far more efficient manner, than any human could possibly do.

As the world of marketing evolves, so too do the channels being used by marketers. Text messaging is one of the oldest forms of digital communication, and yet it has robustly stood the test of time and continues to offer value, and this is at a time when cheaper bulk channels of delivery exist. The reason being it works! With AI however it can work better.

SMS thanks to AI Is now agile and interactive and chats and conversations can now be held with either a real person or in some cases an automated contact chat bot or service centre over sms at a bulk level. Machines can now read and understand multiple sms messages and tailor content and responses in a bespoke and targeted manner. The cost benefit to companies of this kind of interaction can be significant Reduction in human cost; VS optimisation of digital communication footprint represents a tick box on most marketers' road map.

With the proliferation of AI and machine learning into most organisations business process, one of the challenges facing companies offering marketing automation is integration, and it is here where bulk sms and text messaging is able to steal a march on other channels, as integration via API is simple, allowing for almost immediate access to business intelligence, insight and real time communication and response at volumes unmatchable by other channels such as bulk email marketing.

With AI bulk sms steps into the realm of smarter marketing, it can now be considered a capable and efficient channel for insight driven communications, for real time intelligence based customer engagement whilst remaining simple to integrate and cost effective deploy. The opportunity bulk sms offers marketers in this new AI obsessed world, whether small owner managed business or enterprise sized corporates is the same , scalability and durability of a digital communications platform without the costs associated with some above the line marketing initiatives.

In 1984 sms was almost a by product of mobile communication, its trajectory from a consumer focused messaging tool that just happened to be on your mobile phone into a powerful real time business to business marketing communications tool available to any size of business has been stellar.

The days however of a set of thumbs furiously tapping away at a phone or PC keyboard in order to generate or respond to messages and communication are long gone. Nowadays within a business environment, it's more likely to be a, tailored, considered or learned response devised by a computer or machine trained to react and respond according to or within a set of pre-determined perimeters. This is machine learning or AI derived bulk sms messaging and it's a reality.

No longer does bulk sms have to be short abbreviated and puerile, it now has the ability to be as sophisticated as other marketing channels, whilst leveraging its unique ability to deliver directly and at opportune moments right to the recipient. Add to this the fact that the devise delivering the message sits in the pocket of the recipient and this is powerful.

As long as those sending out bulk sms messages stay on the correct side of effective as opposed to intrusive messaging sms marketing will continue to grow and add value to any customer communications strategy. The value is now just exponentially greater with text messaging AI.