The Movie of Our Life

Blog Image: The Movie of Our Life

Stage 1.

Considering our movie going partner is crucial, compatibility and a shared joy of a particular genre will enhance the exhilaration and anticipation experience. In today's technology driven social environment inviting someone to attend a movie could go one of two ways. We could send a bulk SMS to all our contacts and friends that we believe would enjoy the movie, or we could be more selective a simply text message one friend at a time, starting with the person we would most like to attend with and eventually end up attending with someone who is available, who wants to see the film, but this could be our third, fourth or fifth choice.

Stage 2.

The plethora of choice available and the sheer abundance of content that the cinema industry offers can create such indecision that often we end up not going at all. There are a number of ways that we can pinpoint exactly what to see and whether or not to see it. We should always however at least have some idea of what we are in the mood for. In some instances, it may be simply one option or nothing at all, in others it could be a choice of two or three different films, and this can often prove a dilemma. Reviews and movie critics can be a source of value information and help with the decision-making process, alternatively we could simply SMS or text a friend who has already seen the film or films and ask for their opinion.

Stage 3.

Cinema complex location can influence the choice of film we see. Is our desired choice available at the local complex or cinema, will there be a need to travel a further distance to see the film? The parking situation at the cinema is important too especially if we plan on a last-minute arrival. Timing is crucial when attending a film, and leaving enough time to purchase the popcorn, cold drink and visit the toilet and still get to see the trailers before the main feature enhances the cinema going experience. It is during this trailer presentation that any last-minute texts, calls and SMS need to be sent as most cinemas require mobile phones to be left on silent or turned off during the feature presentation, and there is often a direct request made on screen asking us to comply.

Stage 4.

Beer or burgers or both, salad or sushi, Italian or Indian these are the post movie considerations they may impact on what we see, where we see it and who we see it with.