What Is the Best Bulk Text Message Service for Marketing?

Blog Image: What Is the Best Bulk Text Message Service for Marketing?

If you aren't already using SMS to reach your customers and prospects, then you're missing out. Brits check their smartphones every 12 minutes, which means this is a fantastic channel to reach consumers through. But of course, you can't just sit there manually sending SMS texts to each person on your list. That'd take ages! Instead, consider using a bulk text message service. If you need a bulk text messaging service in the UK, then you'll want the best one around: Mobivate. Let us show you why we are the best service for sending bulk text messages!

We Offer Personalisation

Usually, when people get texts from unknown numbers, the sender just shows as a string of random numbers. However, that won't be the case with Mobivate. We offer personalisation by enabling alphanumeric sender names. This means that you can personalise the sender name to prominently display your company name, which is fantastic for branding! In addition, you can upload full names and 15 other custom fields to personalise the SMS messages to your recipients! Our bulk text message services also allow you to send out birthday SMS texts to your customers so they feel truly valued on their special day.

Set Auto Responders

A bulk text message service can send out tonnes of SMS texts at once, but what about afterwards? You want to keep the conversation going with your customers and prospects, after all. Mobivate lets you set auto-replies so you don't have to do it yourself. Not only that, but you can even use this information to add to certain mailing lists or opt-outs, which automates a lot of the marketing process.

Enjoy Route Selection

Are you marketing on a budget? Then that's no issue with Mobivate. We offer many choices for SMS route selection, which can accommodate your marketing spend. Our different routes not only have different reliability and delivery speeds, but also different prices. You can always start with the most basic routing and adjust accordingly if feel you need an upgrade and can afford it.

Get Bespoke Reports

With Mobivate, you'll be able to export reports that are based on message delivery status. This will allow you to streamline your reports for more granular information. In addition, you'll automatically receive bespoke reports on your SMS texts, which can take a lot of manual work out. In fact, these can be sent straight to your email so all you have to do is open it up to see how your SMS marketing campaigns are going.

Use Mobivate as Your Bulk Text Message Service

As you can see, Mobivate is the bulk text message service you need to use if you're located in the UK. We have loads of amazing features that'll accommodate your business needs. So if you're ready to use the most powerful bulk text message service around, then sign up with Mobivate now! We offer a free trial where you can start immediately with 10 free SMS texts.