How a Call Centre Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Blog Image: How a Call Centre Can Boost Your Bottom Line

The world of eCommerce today is aggressive and competitive. There’s no doubt about that. But one of the great things is that this competition has become customer-centred. Your customers want quick, high quality responses and prompt results. We want it now, how and when we want it, with good information to back our decisions. And the thing is, with the tools and technology available for all businesses regardless of size, you can provide this for your customers.

However, small businesses can find this challenging. When you only employ a small number of people to run the business and handle customer interactions all at once, it can be hard to keep up with the demand for both logistics and interaction that your customers need to stay engaged, and to build trust in your company. Even with a professional bulk SMS service provider, you can find it challenging to keep up with all the messaging involved.

But here’s the good news. Even a small company can outsource their calls and messaging to a professional call centre. Whether you’re working with ticketing, chats, emails, or calls, an inexpensive call centre service can make sure your customers get a timely response. Immediate attention and quality service – whenever they want to connect with your business.

The simple truth is that, even if you have a small business, without a call centre you’ll lose sales. To make matters worse, you’ll lose the customers that depend on customer service. These are the repeat customers!

These are just two factors that a call centre can run smoothly for you. The sales division handles online sales, processes sales and orders, and takes care of outbound sales calls for customers who have shown an interest. Customer service stands ready for any customers who want to offer feedback or who have problems with their order.

In either case, a call centre can act as a communications hub for your business, keeping things running smoothly and ensuring that your customers know you’re there for them, day or night, 24/7. To top it off, a call centre isn’t limited to phone calls alone. They can also handle all email correspondence for your company, directing it into the appropriate channels and sending responses for the simpler queries.

In the modern era, this is priceless.

Strategically done, SMS marketing services can open your company to the global market, dramatically expand your sales channels, and increase your engagement volume. But here’s the problem. Without a call centre, you’ll reach a bottleneck. No matter how employees you have running your phones and computers, eventually they’ll hit their limit. After that, regardless of how effective your strategy, you’re going to see diminishing returns. And the real challenge to this is that you’ll lose the trust of your customers. It might take a month or a year to show up in your bottom line, but if your customers can’t rely on you to respond promptly and address their issues, they’ll find someone else to work with.

So, especially when you’re beginning to plateau on what your employees can handle, a call centre will save you time, boost engagement, and create more trust. Even before this point, you’ll see a marked increase in profits. Just think about it. You’ve got a store manager in a successful store. The phone is ringing off the hook, and they’re working through the calls, trying to handle each one as quickly and professionally as they can. But the customers on the other end just hear the dial tone. How long until they hang up? How long until they decide that it would be more worth their time to call another service that can manage to deal with them when they want to be dealt with?

Call centres reduce the man hours required for the actual function of your small business. They make sure that your employees are dealing with what they can deal with best, without wasting time trying to sort out what each customer wants. And them putting them on hold while they’re directed to the right person… Eventually. Plus, while your call centre handles customer feedback, back office support, phone orders, or whatnot, your physical employees can be more productive doing what you primarily pay them to do.

One of the greatest things about this is that it’s efficient and relatively inexpensive, especially if you’re at the point of growing your small or home business. And one of the reasons that we like to feature it in our service package is that it pairs perfectly with bulk SMS marketing. You have a channel to connect with your customers, offer them great deals, engage and elicit conversions. Then you just need to process and send the orders. If you have a source (some product or service), which is what you start with, you’ve just managed to automate the rest of the process. From supply to purchase in two simple, automated steps.

And, while this article has been focused on small businesses, the same thing is true – even more so – for medium to large size businesses. In fact, the larger your company becomes, the more efficient and profitable a call centre will be for you. The small business is the hard sell, and yet it will still save you loads of money compared to any other way you could manage your orders and sales.

So what’s the next step?

The key is that no two businesses are the same. Your business is unique and has unique needs. So, if you want to look into what a call centre can do for you, feel free to reach out. At Mobivate, we know the market. We know how to get your product or service out there, and we can help you handle the order volume that you’ll get when you do. Contact us to find out more.