A cocktail of festivities

Blog Image: A cocktail of festivities

As the festive season once again descends upon us with familiar regularity, we step back and look at the year just past and the way in which our behavior has been influenced by others. 2021 was a year in which what we did, where we went, how we got there and what we wore was dictated as a response to a global pandemic. Thankfully however Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022 should prove to be more usual.

In keeping with the festive theme let’s look at how our behavior may be influenced by our favorite cocktail as opposed to our least favorite virus. Mulled wine over masks, prosecco instead of PCRs and vodka rather explanations from the JCVI.

It’s at this time of the year that we cast our eyes and minds towards warmer places and try and escape the British winter. Along with sunny skies and cool breezes we yearn for those exotic drinks that calm the head and ease the limbs. Who hasn’t hit the beach bar and requested Sex on the beach? A delightful assortment of vodka, peach schnapps and fruit juice, more often sent as a photo via SMS to a friend than enjoyed chilled with cocktail umbrella and paper straw. None the less many a vacation is started with sex on the beach with good friends and welcome company.

Warm evenings enjoyed watching waves lap up on shore very often accompanied by the local band entertaining holiday makers would not be the same without a Dirty Martini. A dirty martini should not be confused with a dirty bikini! The former quenches the days thirst by fusing gin, vermouth and olive oil whilst the latter is more often than not the result of a day spent wrestling with beach sand causing an unwanted proliferation of sand in unwanted places.

Of course, every teenager and adult alike has had to wake up early on holiday and enjoy a tequila sunrise, this standard holiday must consisting of tequila and orange juice is often a fabulous remedy for the unwell and those suffering from headaches and nausea caused by late nights and too many dirty martinis. If one has been forced to remain in bed all day due to the ongoing illness caused by the exuberance of holiday exertions, it is possible to swap out your tequila sunrise for a Malibu Sunset and replace orange juice with Grapefruit juice.

Many will opt for the city break over the festive period, happy to undertake the onerous regime of administration that is associated with foreign travel. Trips to New York City are synonymous with vodka Cointreau and cranberry juice better known as the Cosmopolitan. This renowned drink is often shared on social media in images of the Empire State building or Brooklyn Bridge whilst some may prefer its sister drink the Manhattan infused with the finest Kentucky bourbon and enjoyed in bars up and down wall street.

Wherever you go or whatever destination you may head for over the festive season, your direction of travel could subconsciously be influenced by not only the sights and sounds but also the tastes and smells. Our favorite cocktails exotic and flavorsome, will play a large part of our Christmas experience whether we travel or stay at home this festive season. Tequila, Gin, whiskey, and vermouth replace lager ale and supermarket wine as we look forward into 2022 with an element of hope and trepidation, but in the safe knowledge that tomorrow mornings Tequila sunrise could be followed by a delightful sex on the beach!