10 Great Benefits of Text Marketing: Why Text Marketing Is For You

Blog Image: 10 Great Benefits of Text Marketing: Why Text Marketing Is For You

Chances are you have been subject to a bulk SMS from a huge company advertising to you. But did you know that you don't need to be a large business to benefit from the use of text marketing?

Various platforms have opened up so that you can make the most of this great opportunity and reel in some new customers.

In this short post we are going to give you the low down on '10 great benefits of text marketing and why text marketing is for you.'

Let's get to it!

10 benefits of bulk SMS for your business.

1. It has the highest conversion rate advertising has to offer.

Did you know that 98% of all SMS's are opened? This is staggering when compared to the comparatively low 22% open rate the average email has.

Higher conversion rates mean more sales for your business and a more cost-effective marketing strategy.

2. Easy to opt in and opt out.

With bulk SMS it is an extremely simple process for customers to interact with your business - even if it means opting out of further updates.

This is important as it will prevent people becoming frustrated with your business, but on the flip side allows customers to easily interact to receive more information.

Customers can text simple keywords that correspond with a preset autoresponder to fulfill their requests - such as sending them your business's website.

3. Allows you to build a reachable community.

Many businesses have been hit hard after the organic reach of pages on Facebook have been severely cut back.

'Reachpocalypse' has made it extremely difficult to achieve a good engagement now on the most popular social media site and even some of the largest pages who have spent a lot of money and many years building their Facebook community are now turning to other methods.

With text marketing, it puts the control back into your hands so you don't have to rely on a middle platform that can change their policies at any time.

4. Bulk SMS's don't require an internet connection.

Your message doesn't rely on your customer's accessibility to wi-fi or their data allowance.

Most texts are read by users within 15 minutes of receiving them. This means that more people will see your SMS and see it sooner.

One of the problems with emails is that if your customer isn't checking their inbox close to the time you emailed them, then it is likely that it will get lost among other messages and never opened.

People aren't likely to delete an SMS without reading it, whereas users frequently 'mass-delete' or 'mass-mark-as-read' in their email inbox.

5. Almost everybody uses text.

With 81% of American using text, it offers the largest marketing platform out there.

Many people who cannot be advertised to on social media (because they don't have active accounts) can be reached via text.

This may be extremely beneficial depending on your target demographic as it provides a way to interact with customers who otherwise are unreachable.

6. Bulk SMS makes your business literally reachable.

Did you know that91% of US citizens have their mobile device within arms reach 24/7?

This means you can put your business within close proximity of your customers.

7. SMS is a reliable platform.

Ever since the first SMS was sent in 1992 - saying 'Merry Christmas' -trillions have been sent since.

The technology is almost 25 years old which means that it is reliable and can be counted on by your business.

Despite the smartphone revolution, it doesn't look like SMS is going anywhere anytime soon.

In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, found that, "97% of smartphone owners used text messaging...making it the most widely-used basic feature or app."

This shows that SMS is still holding up in the modern age despite one in four smartphone users not using their device to make phone calls on a weekly basis.

Many younger users also admit they prefer to receive a text instead of a phone call, which is great news for those of us who use text marketing.

8. It is permission based marketing.

This is really important. Bulk SMS is not spam. You will only be sending texts to people who actually want to hear from you.

No longer do you have to waste money marketing to people who don't have any interest in your company. Now you can target the people who actually care.

Due to this reason, it makes text-marketing one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising that exists.

9. It's a flexible, customizable platform.

When you create a bulk SMS, you don't have to send it straight away. Messages can be scheduled to go out at a specific time meaning you can choose the optimum time for conversion rates.

There are lots of other great features to give your customers a tailored experience such as customizing messages to call the receiver by their name.

This can really help with engagement and help clients feel valued and connected.

10. It saves you time and money.

Email is still a great viable marketing platform, but often requires a lot of work to be put in only to receive minimal results.

It can take hours to craft the perfect email with the right design, graphics, and layout.

With Bulk SMS however, sometimes all it takes is for you to type out a few sentences.

Users wouldn't respond well if you sent them a plain email with less than one paragraph of text, but for an SMS not only is that completely appropriate, but it is almost expected.

This means that text marketing is something that can easily be added to your current advertising strategy. It's easy to set up and you may as well try it.

Costs are minimal with prices starting from 1.9p per SMS which is incredible considering what you would spend on a Facebook or Instagram campaign.

Using bulk SMS and text marketing.

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