3 Effective Strategies for Increasing Bulk SMS Open Rates

Blog Image: 3 Effective Strategies for Increasing Bulk SMS Open Rates

More than 95 percent of people in the US own a mobile phone. It's a perfect way to keep in touch with consumers, but you don't want to overuse it. Are you looking for new strategies to scale up your bulk SMS marketing campaign? Here are some best practices for improving SMS open rates that you can implement today.

1. Offer Real Value to Consumers

One of the best ways to improve your SMS open rate is to send engaging messages that your customers look forward to receiving. You can use special offers and coupons or offer tips on ways to save time or money. Always try to over-deliver.

Consider using the 80/20 rule where you give 80 percent of the time and only send sales messages for the remaining 20 percent. If you have a reputation for providing valuable content, your customers will always open your SMS messages to read your insightful advice. You can use text marketing strategies to improve user engagement. Always include a call to action at the end of every message, even those that aren't sales pitches.

2. Make Your Messages Personal

Find an SMS marketing service hat allows you to personalize your messages. One of the most powerful words you can use is a customer's name. Some companies offer first and last names plus up to 15 additional custom fields. When someone receives a personalized message, they're more likely to respond. Offer incentives for product reviews and always follow up when a customer takes action. Ask for feedback and tweak your messaging in response.

Excellent SMS services provide flexible autoresponder options. Look for a service that allows you to forward customer replies to a mailing list, a URL, or a specific email inbox or mobile phone. That way, you'll have their information at your fingertips. Respect any requests to opt-out by using an autoresponder that adds their information to the opt- out listing. When you remove them promptly, they may sign up again in the future.

3. Encourage Customers to Sign Up

Before you send SMS messages, ask for permission, it's the law. SMS best practices require that your customers indicate they want to receive notifications from your business. The Federal Communications Comission (FCC) regulates SMS marketing in the US.

Text marketing is permission-based. You require consent before you can send messages. You must tell consumers that they might incur fees with their local carrier. You also have to give them an option to opt out. You can be creative in how you obtain permission. When you are transparent, it builds trust with consumers.

As long as you fulfil the FCC rules, you can host a contest where they opt-in as part of the entry process. Another way to encourage opt-in is using online forms. Consumers can consent by texting a keyword to a mobile number.

Improve Your SMS Open Rates

Are you ready to experience the power of a professional SMS service? We have the tools to increase the open rates for any messages you send. If you're looking for a service that over-delivers, contact the experts at Mobivate. We specialize in taking businesses to the next level.