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One simple API connection and you will gain access to Mobivate’s
mobile billing network of global operators.

Mobivate is an enabler of mobile billing. Enabling our customers to generate significant revenue through the sale of their product or service.


One connection for you.


We deal with the networks.


Multiple connections for us.

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Premium SMS Connectivity and Premium Shortcodes

Mobivate is a Premium sms connectivity provider that has
connections to the network operators.


Mobivate aggregates its customer’s messages...


and delivers the premium sms messages to the network operators...


which in turn deliver them to the consumer’s handset.


Charge Easily

Our mobile billing aggregation service enables our customers to charge consumers for goods and services very easily and effectively by either sending them a premium sms or receiving a premium sms.


Easy API Integration

As a mobile aggregator, Mobivate uses its proprietary sms gateway for mobile billing. Mobivate provides its customers with a comprehensive but simple API which assists them to integrate their sms applications to our premium sms gateway.


Online Reporting Tools

Our online reporting tools provide our customers with full and transparent logs of all mobile billing transactions. This allows customers to easily reconcile their transactions with ours and the network payout reports. Our real time reports are also an essential tool in managing and adjusting the effectiveness of live media campaigns.

  • Robust and flexible premium sms gateway
  • Comprehensive but simple API
  • Streamline integration via SMPP, HTML or XML
  • Real time access to sms gateway logs
  • Access to daily and monthly reporting statistics
  • Live delivery receipts, notifications & timestamps

Use your own applications do your own marketing and let Mobivate be your trusted mobile connectivity partner for billing

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Mobile Connectivity for Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Mobile carrier integrations around the world are unique and complex. Each carrier implements their own solutions to enable direct carrier billing. Mobivate manages the complexity for you and creates a simple single access point for you to commercialise your content and services across all our global markets.

Mobile carriers apply addition requirements for the use of direct carrier billing services. Let the experts at Mobivate guide you on best practise to ensure maximum returns for your business.


Mobile Connectivity using Online Billing System (OBS)

Mobivate provides clients with the best available mobile billing options in each market. OBS being one of the billing systems offered in some countries. Despite the complex back end carrier integrations and monitoring, a connection to Mobivate is through a simple single API.

Speak to our mobile professionals at Mobivate to understand how you can monetise your services in a global marketplace.


Mobile Connectivity using Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Mobivate, the experts in mobile billing will guide you on the benefits of each of the mobile billing solutions available in each country.

There have been recent mobile carrier implements of a service delivery platform. This is giving mobile users further protections and confidence when purchasing value added services. It has also created opportunities for creative billing models and multiple price point options for a single service. SDP will usually be used in conjunction with premium shortcodes. However some carriers will allow an online or mobile web signup directly from the site.