Make Giving as Easy as Texting: Top Tips for Setting Up a Text to Give Campaign

Blog Image: Make Giving as Easy as Texting: Top Tips for Setting Up a Text to Give Campaign

Non-profits around the world are always eager to find the best way to communicate with their audience. Your cause can't work without donations, so finding that perfect method to secure donations is key.


With so much focus on smartphones and mobile technology, text to give campaigns are stronger than ever. With the right service for bulk SMS, you can make donating as simple as a single text message.

If this sounds like it might be the best way forward for your non-profit, then let's break down the details right now. 

Breaking Down Text to Give Campaigns

How does a text to give campaign work? The process is simple. You have a specific phone number that your audience will text. That number then gives them a quick and easy form to fill out and that's it! It takes only a few moments, making donating quick and easy.

The cost on your end will depend on your service, but with the right provider aiming at bulk SMS, you can get a great deal.

Text to give campaigns often shows increasing success. Not only are they easy, but average donations range in the hundreds of dollars!

How to Start

Setting up your text to give campaign is as quick and easy as the donation process. 

1. Find the Right Provider for You

The first big step is to get a provider to support your campaign. Because the focus of the campaign will be on a massive amount of text messages, you need someone who deals in bulk SMS. 

As well, you need the option for an automated text response. Most providers provide this these days, but it is a key feature to miss. You can respond by hand, but the hope is that you will have a massive quantity of texts, so save your precious time and automate!


Once you have a quality provider, they will give you a phone number. Setup whatever personal touches you want to add and then you can start promoting. 

2. Promote Your New Number

Once you have a phone number to work with, you need to make sure your audience sees this. Promoting your text to give campaign takes a bit of finesse and a lot of understanding of how to market toward your specific audience.


Make sure to include the number and word of your campaign on all of your marketing. You want to be specific about your message, people want to know the exact cause they are donating to.

Work with other non-profits or companies looking to incorporate charity causes into their business. A peer-to-peer campaign can be a great push for your cause. You can even work in prizes and gifts to those who donate, giving them even more incentive to spread the word.


Remember to use the contact information of donors to keep up with your audience.


Concerning Security

With hundreds if not thousands of texts coming every day, each with personal information attached, you need to make sure that security is a top priority.


Make sure your bulk SMS provider is PCI-compliant. This compliance will help give you the strongest in security, with authentication to help protect doner information.


Getting the Most Out of Bulk SMS With Mobivate

Setting up your big text to give campaign is simple and with the right bulk SMS provider, you have no need to worry. Focus on what matters and get those donations rolling to help your cause succeed!

When you are ready to begin, there is no one better to help you get started than Mobivate. Contact us today for more information.