The Latest Bulk Text Messaging Marketing Trends for 2023

Blog Image: The Latest Bulk Text Messaging Marketing Trends for 2023

These days, the stats suggest that almost three-quaters of all clients you receive will want to receive deals and offers via SMS. This is a huge number of people who would benefit from you engaging in bulk text messaging. But do you know how best to do this while keeping up with the latest trends moving forward? Below, you will find some of the most popular low-cost bulk SMS trends that will explode in 2023. Using this, you should be able to plan for the next year and stay ahead of the game when it comes to SMS marketing in 2023.

Bulk Messaging Automation

When debating how to send bulk SMS, you should understand that this is being automated as we move forward into 2023. These days, a good system will use a list of potential clients' phone numbers and, through an API, send each text one by one. This prevents the need to manually send each message, taking up a significant amount of time for yourself or others in your company.

Bulk Personalization

When you want to send bulk SMS, you mustn't send the same thing to each client. To many, this can seem obvious, and these days will start to turn people off of your product. Applications are starting to empower users to customize the messages they send with different fields. These include the name, custom messages, or unique elements based on the category of the user. This way, you can give some users extra information if (for example) they are VIPs or unique users.

AI and Automation

When you send SMS in bulk, you want to know you are sending them at the right time and to the right people at that time. These days, you can leverage powerful AI to filter through the people you are most likely to receive an ROI from due to a wide number of factors. You can then focus only on those users who the AI says are likely to follow up on a message at that time. This can save you extraordinary amounts of time and money long-term.


You will often use a premium rate text service to empower you in your marketing messages. If this is the case, then moving into 2023 you need to use one that facilitates and supports emojis in messages. Many people these days use or even expect to see emojis in personalized messages. It makes them look more human and can give your company a real personality.

The Future of Bulk Text Messaging

With that, it should be very clear what the future of bulk text messaging is. Hopefully, you should have a much better idea of how to move forward with the wisdom to improve your company's marketing. Still, you could always have a helping hand. We have apps that can help your SMS campaigns by assisting in organizing the campaigns that you have. On top of this, there are many other features that we can provide that will boost your marketing potential. All you need to do is phone us today and we can talk over the details.