The synergy between Mobile Billing and Mobile Gaming

Escapism is an incredible phenomenon. To delve into recreational pursuits can both serve as a form of relaxation and an alternative way to stimulate the mind. In the enclosing contexts of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have turned books, TV, indoor exercise, and gaming to feed such stimulation. The latter has had a considerable impact on the overall digital industry in recent years.

From a purely mobile perspective, gaming has been on a consistent boom. According to a research report from Allied Market, Games made 72% of all app-store spending in 2019. With the same report citing that consumers spend an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes on their phones a day, the conditions have seemingly always appeared ripe for synergy between Mobile Billing and Mobile Gaming. The 2020 Covid-19 context has seemed to exemplify this; for instance gaming downloads increased by 24% from February to March, reaching the height of 5.1 billion downloads.

Mobivate has always allowed merchants and mobile content providers to reach out to a global demographic of consumers and bill to their mobile phone account with ease and efficiency. Through our unique mobile billing platform Mobipay, we utilise technologies like Direct Carrier Billing, Premium SMS and Mobile Money to conduct effective transactions that extend to markets including Ghana, Kenya, the UK and South Africa. When it comes to clients who wish to supply gaming content, we are the link that allows said providers to integrate their service into the relevant market and reach the consumer handsets. Clients will be pleased at the effective integration of their service, consumers will have access to a recreational pursuit, and we will have strengthened this link.

And the buck does not just stop there. While serving chiefly as a software provider for billing purposes, Mobivate is also a content provider in its own right. Our Mobipay portal holds access to some of the most varied gaming content which is ready for clients who subscribe to the on-portal service. From strategy-games and Puzzles to Racing Game’s and Role-playing adventures, the content is fresh and ready to launch at the simple provisioning of a Merchant’s platforms to the desired market.

If anything, we at Mobivate champion these ideals, to allow for the deliverance of a quality service for our clients, and to connect consumers with entertaining products.

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