Frequently Asked Questions


What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the sending of a single or multiple messages to multiple recipients at the same time or in one send.

How are bulk SMS messages viewed?

In most cases the message is sent to a recipient’s mobile phone or handset.

What are the most common uses of bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS can be used for everything from appointment reminders to discount offers, and security verification.

Are there geographical restrictions on bulk SMS sends?

At a national level there no restrictions with regard to bulk messaging sends. The costs are kept competitively low , and economies of scale can be realized through larger bulk SMS sends.

Can messages be planned in advanced and triggered at an agreed time?

Bulk SMS can be planned in advance to enable business to address seasonal or industry specific requirements. Its is simple to set a time and date in advance and be confident the bulk send will take place without complication.

How much does a bulk SMS send cost?

Costs depend on the agreed package and number of recipients. Mobivate have a number of competitively priced plans.

Do recipients need a particular handset to receive the message?

Bulk SMS sent via the motivate platform is device agnostic and does not depend on 3G, 4G or an Internet connection.

Will I need to download an app or software to use the bulk SMS service?

There is no download required; logging in to your dedicated user account with Mobivate controls all your bulk SMS send.

From who will the bulk SMS send be from, what will the recipient see?

With Mobivate, you can set the sender name as either a word or a number.

What if my message is longer than 160 characters?

Messages longer than 160 characters can be split into two and sent.

Is it possible to upload a database of mobile phone numbers?

With Mobivate it is possible to bulk upload all your customers and their information to the Mobivate platform so as to expedite bulk SMS set up time.

Is it possible to change the sender ID?

Yes, the Mobivate platform enables the sender ID to be selected on a campaign-by-campaign basis by the client.

Can you personalize a bulk SMS send?

With Mobivate, customers can upload the first name, the last name, or any one of 15 other custom fields available.

Is there a set up fee or are there charges for setting up an account.

You only pay the messages you use, credits are purchased on a pay as you use basis.

Is voice SMS part of your bulk SMS offering?

The Mobivate platform, is voice enabled, and customers can send voice SMS.

Can I integrate Mobivate into my existing CRM?

Mobivate is integrated with Zapier platform, and so if yours is one of the thousands of apps integrated with Zapier already, can you easily create a new Zap that connects to Mobivate. Click here to create your new Zap!

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