Keys to a Great SMS Marketing Campaign

Blog Image: Keys to a Great SMS Marketing Campaign

How many times have you received an email, and then just mark it read? You know the ones I'm talking about. Those emails that look like they're from somebody trying to sell you something. Now think about your texts. How many unread texts do you have on your phone at this very moment?

I'm guessing it's not all that many. When we get a text, we read it. We may not follow up, but at the same time we might. We see a great deal on something we're interested in, and next thing you know, we're making a purchase. Text messages are awesome this way. They catch out attention, let us connect with them discreetly and at our leisure, and create a channel to market products that might otherwise fly under the radar.

One of the great things about working with SMS marketing in the current economic climate is that a single inexpensive message can reach every customer that has a phone. All phones these days are equipped to receive SMS, so you don't have to worry about tech problems. Just send it out, and your customer base will hear you. Plus, they're going to open it. They'll see your ad, whether they choose to act upon it or not. And, since sales and conversions are a percentage game, wider reach means higher profit.

The next question is how to send bulk SMS to improve company success as much as possible. And, the first step is to have a clear goal. Know your audience. And know what you want to achieve. Whether it's brand recognition, sales, or leads, knowing what you're actually going for will give you a leg up when planning your marketing strategy. If you have a clear goal, you can orient your strategy and execution around it.

When you're looking at the eCommerce market, consider BOGO. When you offer a great deal, you help the buyers jump the edge and decide to make the purchase right now. Price-based offerings can make all the difference, inspiring your customer base to take the plunge in the moment instead of waiting. Plus, you can use this strategy to cross-sell or link less popular items to more popular ones. We all love free stuff. Make use of this, and you'll up your conversions dramatically. Plus, you can link products to get the best possible result, so long as you understand what your customers actually want.

Consider the timing for when you send SMS online. Make it convenient for the customer. This is easier if you sell locally. Avoid late night or early morning. Send out your texts when people are most likely to open them right then. Think about it. You get a text at midnight. It features a product or deal that you like. But do you really want to deal with it right then? Of course not! Timing is critical. Make the ad helpful rather than harassing. Give people something that will make their lives easier rather than providing an additional complication. With every communication, show that you value your customers and that your brand is strong enough to be appreciative without being needy.

If you're looking for the best times for your bulk text messaging, think after 8am and before 9pm. To fine tune your campaign, remember that there will be rushes around 10am, 11am, and 12pm. If you go for the same, your text is likely to be lost in the rush. Set it to deliver at some minutes after the hour. Time it so that customers will see your message without being drowned by others.

The last step for an effective mobile bulk SMS campaign is to make it easy for customers to move from reading your message to buying your product. In techy terms, this means call-to-action buttons. Think about it. If you can make a purchase with a single click of a button, you're more likely to go for it than if you have to navigate a maze of options. This is the difference between a conversion and a bounce. So, spend some time to make the CTA button stand out. The easier, the better.

These are just a few tips for making your SMS campaign work for you. If you have any questions or you'd like to get an action plan to make your marketing campaign rock you into the new year, give us a call. At Mobivate, we're dedicated to helping you reach all the customers that want what you have to offer.