Blog Image: Choices

Increasingly the world we live in is offering up choices and these choices say a lot about who we are, what we are, and potentially where our moral compass sits. Offering the individual choices as to the decisions they make essentially deflects the responsibility from those in control and places it firmly on the shoulders of the individual..

Of course, given the current pandemic environment governments looking for ways to retain popularity whilst still trying to exercise power will use buzz words like choice, individual responsibility, and corporate policy to nudge people in a particular direction. When faced with an event of global magnitude that has an impact and consequence on not only us but on those around us these choices become amplified, magnified and scrutinized..

The obvious choice we will all have over the next few months and years will be whether to wear a mask or face covering in public. It is divisive issue and one that certainly divides public opinion. Let’s look at a few other issues that divide public opinion..

Socially, does anything divide a community more than ones preferred cuppa. In Blighty, this rain drenched mud patch of an island we call home, does anything warm the spirits on a cold day more than strong sweet tea, brewed to perfection with a splash of milk. Some might argue that tea washes away the miserable weather and replaces it with a splash of sunshine. Across the pond however for many years, our cousins fuel their days with caaawfee. Coffee first thing, coffee through the day and coffee in the evening. This coffee culture has bridged the Atlantic Pond along with the latte, oat milk, iced and crushed options on offer and has taken hold of English society. There is now choice you are either coffee or tea!.

We are a nation of pet lovers, but our pets say a lot about our own personality, and it’s often been said that pets resemble their owners in not only looks but also character. If our pets share our character, then our choice of pet might have consequences as to how we are perceived. With this in mind dog owners and cat owners could not be more different, in fact the nature of a dog could not be more opposite to the nature of a cat. Some might say dogs are boisterous, needy, energetic, and high maintenance whilst cats are independent, chilled, single minded and self-reliant. If this is the case the pet we choose and the life we lead may share some common synergy, so be careful when you decide whether you are dog or cat though often the dog or cat may choose you..

Technology envelopes us, and technology channels our interactions with others. Even those slow to adopt innovative and immersive applications with time engage with technical advances as they empower, enable and facilitate smoother communication and lifestyle. Some of the technology choices we are posed with are manifested by brand affiliation such as Mac or PC, Apple or Samsung. In other cases, technology and innovation may awaken a choice of social conscience such as petrol, diesel or electric and for those that exercise Peloton at home or spin class in the gym. In some cases, however, technology options are less about device and more about channel and this could not be more obvious in the messenger vs what’s app divide. What makes someone decide how best they would like to send an SMS and what would make for the best channel to share text messages? At a B2B and B2C level there is a strong argument for text over what’s app but other than that is it personal choice, user interface, reliability or just loyalty?.

There are political choices, there are sports team choices, there are music choices and there are lifestyle choices all of these will have a different type of implication on those around us. Who we vote for may ultimately impact on my neighbour, but whether my football team wins or loses will be of little interest? My dog may shed and be more exuberant than my brothers’ cat but between us we should be able to work it out. Lastly perhaps Ill drink coffee in the morning and only tea after lunch or visa versa, but in public spaces whether I wear a face covering will be something that people will always be divided on.