Does 2020 Offer clarity? and idiomatic perspective!

Blog Image: Does 2020 Offer clarity? and idiomatic perspective!

Much has been said about the ability to view things clearly, start afresh or consider new opportunities when embarking on a new year. The question facing business is whether human behavior has the same levels of motivation for business change as it does for personal change and enhancement? A new broom sweeps clean as they say, do business owners have the confidence to adopt new strategies whilst disposing of old legacy processes which may have been slowly degrading the effectiveness of their business success. It is often harder and more difficult to embark on business change as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth and the decision-making process is cumbersome and complex, whereas a personal decision is just that personal and not dependent on multiple influencers and stakeholders.

None the less fortune favours the brave and those business owners willing to adapt be agile and try new things will reap the rewards, a simple switch of telco provider could save money and ensure clients get the message. Marketing Directors have for too long felt that communicating with prospective and existing clients is a little like talking to a brick wall. It is for this reason that the flexibility offered by challenger Telco’s willing to bend over backwards for their clients will have business owners tripping over themselves to engage.

Whether the message is crystal clear or clear as mud, the delivery channel can impact on whether marketers score an own goal or a bulls eye, and without the enthusiasm for change marketing will become like flogging a dead horse, those doing what they have always done will get what they have always got. The answer is staring business in the face make a change, don’t beat around the bush, try something new, be innovative in 2020.

Profitability and effective communications go hand in hand and the complications surrounding change are minor and beside the point, in 2020 business innovators should not have to bite their tongues they should be taken seriously rewarded and be able to reap what they sow. Bringing a board up to speed on a new opportunity can be challenging, getting support for new initiatives can often feel like pulling teeth but those professionals that stay the distance are often those that will take home the bacon.

Opportunity is grasped it does not fall into one’s lap and in business it is essential to make hay while the sun shines. Timing is everything, speed to market can be the difference between success and failure early adopters can rule the roost, a simple switch from email to bulk SMS communications can be the difference between winning or being an also ran.

The bottom line is customers no longer bite at being buttered up, value is the be all and end all of any business relationship and as such Telco providers will need to adapt or die. This adaption will be far easier to achieve for the more flexible smaller and agile telco provider that is tuned in to the needs of the customer and is willing to go the extra mile. The bigger more cumbersome suppliers have for too long attempted to call the bluff of the customer by creating smoke and mirror scenarios that inhibit competition and dampen enthusiasm for change. Termination of existing business relationships is often met with empty threats and toys being thrown from prams.

The train has left the station, customers will continue to demand their pound of flesh and the responsibility will rest with business to keep in the loop. Those late to the party who believe they can jump on the bandwagon will miss out, for them the ship will have sailed. This will be the year for making sure you drop your customers a line and make sure you give them the opportunity to get any issues off their chest. Burning bridges will always be bad for business and listening without hearing will do just that.

To wrap up, the frosting on the cake for any telco provider in 2020 will be more customers, more revenue and greater profit, these can only be guaranteed if telco providers ensure that their wires do not get crossed, that they are on the same page as their customers and finally that in a nutshell they maintain a 20/20 perspective.