Does more mean merry?

Blog Image: Does more mean merry?

Whether encouraging committed customer loyalty, driving sales, or providing enhanced benefit to bigger customers, the concept of the bulk purchase or volume-based approach is one that has been adopted by marketers since the earliest days of insight led customer intelligence. This will ultimately influence the volume-based approach to amplifying the marketing message. Often referred to by marketeers as the shotgun-based approach as opposed to the sniper rifle accuracy of other forms of marketing. If you engage enough people regularly someone will respond or purchase.

One form of volume-based discounting often implemented today is the season ticket for sports events. Sports fans no matter what team they support benefit from access to every game whilst at the same time paying less over the course of the season. For those fans intent on not missing a second of their teams on field antics this bulk purchase is preferable and in many instances season ticket allocations sell out in seconds with most sports franchises having long waiting lists for season ticket allocation. Being a season ticket holder will also entitle the fan to preferential services and content, which the club will communicate via a bulk SMS service or email.

Air miles also serves as a volume-based loyalty rewards programme. Airlines will often offer loyal passengers discounts, benefits and free flights if they stay true to one airline and book all their air travel with a single operator. Passengers will accumulate free miles with every purchase they make or mile they fly ultimately culminating in a rewards-based travel environment. This loyalty to an airline will see passengers not only secure discounted or free flights, but they will benefit from holiday offers, car rental discounts, and hotel upgrades. Rewards platforms offered by airlines will also give passengers access to a dedicated concierge service or a contact center accessible via phone, email, or SMS.

Perhaps the most common form of loyalty discount is that offered by the gym or healthcare industry. It is a well-documented point that come every January gym membership increases and across the country enthusiastic athletes sign up to contractual agreements lasting one, two or three years. It is said that “the road to hell is paved with good intention” and by March the majority of these gym enthusiasts will have given up on their six packs biceps and tri-Athlon ambitions and returned to the pub. The gym however will benefit from the fact that as little as 25% of its billed members actually attend the gym.

There is a responsibility on the service provider implementing a loyalty scheme focused on bulk purchasing or contractual obligation to offer an enhanced suite of benefits and solutions. In most cases these benefits need to extend beyond simply cheaper discounted fees, fares or memberships and the challenge facing these organizations is how to communicate these benefits in such a way that the traction from the customer base is cost effective, immediate and offers up an enjoyable customer experience. The days of the BOGOF – or buy one get one free marketing approach to volume benefit sales have dissolved and identifying the most effective channels with which to engage with members and customers has matured.

In today’s more developed customer communication environment loyalty programme owners be they airlines, gyms or football clubs will engage the services of marketing technology partner, a partner that can efficiently deliver unique messages to multiple members of the customer base, dependent on customer behavior. One of the most effective platforms with which to achieve this goal is SMS and bulk SMS sending. Partnering with a bulk SMS sender will enable these organizations to retain customer loyalty and add value to any customer proposition.

It seems that right across the marketing dialogue process the benefits of a volume based strategy are there to be seen. End users, programme owners and those who facilitate the technology all in some way engage the buy in bulk mantra. Demonstrating the value of this type purchasing decision is up to the seller and this value can be in the form of added benefits or increased sales but a positive customer experience will often usurp an underwhelming result or price. Staying in touch, regular communication and a customer centric business proposition will ultimately yield value.