The temp in the room

Blog Image: The temp in the room

Its freezing in London at the moment. The coldest temperatures in over 15 years have descended on parts of Europe at a time when energy prices are crippling and those less fortunate are having to make the hideous choice between heat or eat. Whatever the cause of this energy crises, be it war in Ukraine, Brexit, or the fact the world cup is being played in winter its a bleak picture and one that is frightening to those on lower incomes. Energy companies blame the government and government blames the energy companies and yet nobody seems to be able to resolve the issue or have the desire to! This is Britain, the first world, basic human needs should not be a struggle should not be out of reach of the man in the street and heating should certainly not come at the expense of eating.

Its called the festive season with all its ho ho ho and associated revelry, a time when familys get together, eat together and drink together. Its a time to send Christmas cards, well wishes and felicitations. Oh, but wait…………………. This year postal workers are striking, the unions have decreed Christmas as the perfect time for action and so dont expect those Christmas cards to arrive before Valentines Day, in fact to ensure your family and friends around the globe are in receipt of your good will messaging best send a text or bulk SMS, as at least the mobile networks can guarantee the delivery.

Being together is very much a part of Christmas, we look forward all year to being with our family and friends. All through December students pack up from university, employees take leave and business owners slow down in order to share the holidays with family and friends. Often, its a time of mass travel, a time when coming together is dependent on the vast transport network that joins our cities. Oh, but wait…………. This year the RMT union has decreed that Christmas is the perfect time for action and as such in the weeks leading up to Christmas the rail network will grind to a halt. Familys up and down the country are now forced to seek alternative modes of transport, and this at a time when runways and highways are closed due to the freezing cold conditions. It could be a case of once again having to turn to our trusty mobile devices and enjoy the company of family and friends over Face Time and video calling.

Its a time of celebration, a time to let our hair down and rejoice in all the good thats in the world, sadly this means alcohol and often misplaced exuberance. ER and hospitals are always on high alert over this period as accidents happen, especially when alcohol flows and parties are in full swing. Britain has the finest medical system in the world and some of the worlds best healthcare professionals. Oh but wait……………. Ambulance staff and nurses have deemed it appropriate to strike in the period running up to Christmas. Party goers in 2022 will need to be extra vigilant as a hospital visit or ambulance request may come with an added set of complications this festive season. Despite convoluted attempts to resolve the dispute it seems the army may need to be drafted in to run and maintain the ambulance service this Christmas, and who knows who will do the stitching up and triage when the ill and wounded finally do make it to the hospital.

Lets not be too be focused on the doom and gloom however, as 2022 draws to a close and the challenges mentioned seem to draw a grey blanket over celebrations. We should not forget what the past two festive seasons had in store for us. Terms like Delta and Omnicom variant, concepts of quarantine and lockdowns, masks, and testing and literally no social interaction. Two years where society depended on mobile connectivity in its entirety for social interaction.

This year is different! its tough yes but Christmas will be a proper Christmas with carols and mince pies and Turkey and wine and in the most part we will be able to be with our loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy New year!