SMS - The future!

Blog Image: SMS - The future!

Some of us are long enough in the tooth to remember the launch of that revolutionarily technology the fax machine. That very same technology that is now pretty much obsolete. Many an office has a fax machine and probably a box of fax roll on a shelf in a storeroom gathering dust.

The demise of such a commoditized technology makes one consider what the future may hold for other more recent technological advances and whether the mobile sector will face the same fate as previous communications technology.

When it comes to SMS we think not and here is why!

SMS has proven to be very robust, a communications platform that has demonstrated historically its ability to challenge other applications and messaging platforms whilst continually leading the way when it comes to advances and development. The proliferation of messaging apps that require data packages such as What’s App have not encumbered the strident gains being made by SMS and this is largely driven by the scale of reach offered by SMS when compared to data based platforms.

Short Message Service or SMS could also be an acronym for Simple message service. In its simplicity, accessibility, accuracy and delivery there is no messaging platform more reliable than the SMS and Telco providers continue to invest in SMS infrastructure that will support and maintain the role SMS will play in the future of communications.

Lets look at reach a little more closely, we would be ill advised to assume that the smart phone is ubiquitous. Perhaps in more developed regions smartphone ownership levels reflect an infrastructure that can support swift data transfer. This is not the case globally, and the ability to deliver a message or series of messages to an individual who simply has a mobile phone with a cellular service creates far more opportunities for marketers but at a more granular level allows for Short, simple, communication between individuals in more diverse demographic environments. It is estimated that globally only fifty percent of mobile phone owners are smart phone owners. The numbers speak for themself.

There are of course the commercial Key Performance indicators attributed to SMS as opposed to other marketing communications platforms. SMS outperforms almost all forms of digital communication when it comes to delivery response and reach, all the things a Marketing Professional will need to consider when identifying and researching a delivery platform, and enhanced security protocols have seen the levels of spam diminish considerably in recent years.

More and more businesses are engaging in A2P services and communication, and for this to be efficient and effective a dependable and secure SMS Gateway is essential. Application 2 Person services are no longer the privilege of large enterprise organizations but are now also being used by hairdressers and pizza shops. This traction from the high street has led to a growth of SMS engagement in recent years with the curve showing no signs of abating.

We have discussed at length the reason and rationale why we believe the current value provided by SMS will ensure its longevity, but what is next, what about tomorrow, what is the technology doing and offering to keep pace with the challengers lining up to grab market share. The answer is simple Rich Communications services!

RCS and the added value it will provide could be what further secures the long-term future of SMS. RCS will continue to provide the value and service we come to expect but will deliver messaging in a more interactive manner, creating a more immersive communications experience for the user.

When it comes to value the dependable SMS is unrivalled, and value will ultimately determine the future of any technology. Yes SMS will need to keep pace with Mobile and Cellular growth, and yes SMS will need to consider how to enhance the user experience and you can rest assured SMS technology providers will be working hard to maintain the security and reliability of the platform, but this is being done continuously and yet the cost of SMS continues to be low in comparison to almost every other digital communications platform. As a service SMS continues to offer enhanced functionality, greater security, unrivalled reliability and most importantly a return on investment no other platform can match.

Why shouldn’t SMS have a very positive future?