How Sending a Mass Text Can Make Your Business Money

Blog Image: How Sending a Mass Text Can Make Your Business Money

Did you know that people check their phones an average of 85 times every day?

What about the fact that the average person spends about 23 hours every week texting?

Or that those texts have a 98% open rate?

You probably send out a mass text to your friends and coworkers several times every week. What if you could do the same to your customers?

You could let them know about new products, upcoming sales, new store locations...pretty much anything you want!

All for a fraction of the time it takes to make a phone call or respond tothe average of 121 emailsa business gets every day.

Read on to learn about how you can harness the power of the mass text when it comes to SMS marketing!

What Is SMS Marketing?

Essentially, SMS Marketing is the ability to send a mass text, individually (no annoying group threads) to your clients.

You don't have to send these texts through your cell phone.

Instead, a web program will send out your mass text marketing content to all of the customers who subscribe to it.

That means you'll be able to communicate with your customers efficiently, effectively, and in real time.

They're a lot more likely to take immediate action this way.

While digital and content marketing are super important, keep in mind that customers still have to make the choice to get on the Internet, type in your keywords, choose to go to your website, then actually look and read through your content.

Or, you could skip all that and send them a two-line mass text with a promo code for an additional 10% off their purchase.

Which option sounds better to you?

More Benefits Of The Mass Text

Let's get real: cold calling sucks. It's exhausting, boring, and, more often than not, a huge waste of time.

Even quality leads can end up saying "no" after you've put in hours of work on the phone with them.

Cold calls can take 5-10 minutes per pitch - and you're only talking to one person.

Wouldn't it be great if you could spend less time fishing for a random customer, and more time connecting with the people youalready knowlike what you're selling?

Wouldn't you like to talk to thousands of customers at once instead of the one guy you know probably isn't going to buy from you anyway?

Sending a mass text does exactly that.

It's essentially a 15-second elevator pitch, delivered in text form. With all your interested customers in the elevator with you.

A mass text leaves you more time to focus on how you can continue to grow your business.

Let's be honest about another thing: the ethics of cold-calling, and marketing in general, can be tricky.

Sometimes, it seems like the cards are intentionally stacked against you, to make is as hard to sell as possible.

In SMS Marketing, the people getting your mass text haveactively opted in, and they can opt out at any time.

That way, you don't have to worry about getting into trouble with compliance, or spend hours updating a Do Not Call list.

OK, So How Does A Mass Text Work?

Memorize these two terms:




Check out this Mass Text Example:

Text OFFICE to 88888 for a 15% discount on office supplies

The keyword is "Office." This is the word that interested customers will type in their reply box.

The shortcode is 88888. This is the "number" that your customers are going to text "Office" to in order to get that 15% discount.

When they text you, you can "text back" an automatic response welcoming them and giving them the discount code.

This is also when you can add them to a database of numbers that you can text with future offers and updates. To do this, you'll send an additional text asking them for confirmation.

Your keyword is determined by your SMS marketing service. You can decide if you would like to have a shortcode that belongs exclusively to your brand, or if you'd like to share it with other brands.

The latter is the more affordable mass text option.

You'll be able to buy additional keywords, manage your mass texts, check how things are going, and send out more offers online. You can choose to view this dashboard yourself or have your SMS marketing service handle everything.

It's up to you.

What Are Some Good Mass Text Content Ideas?

The good thing is, the possibilities of great content for SMS marketing are pretty much endless.

Here are some of our favorites:

Coupon Codes

Everyone loves a deal! Sending out messages for a percentage off is a great incentive for people to finally buy that product they've been spying on!

Polling Shoppers

A mass text gives you direct access to your target market - take advantage of it!

Ask them what products they'd like to see next, to vote on favorite offerings, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

You'll be able to see their responses and chart them online. Now, you know where to go next!


Contests and giveaways aren't just for social media anymore. Now, a mass text can let your market enter into a competition for free products, trips, and complimentary services!

You'll be able to see the numbers that have opted into the contest, and then, you can select a random one online.

Send Out Photos

Customers don't always have time to log onto your website or scroll through their Instagram feeds.

Still, you want to be sure they're always aware of the awesome new products you've got on sale!

Sending them photos of your bestsellers, or even products you have too many of is a great way to encourage them to buy!

Ready To Start Sending Those Mass Texts?

That's where we come in.

Now that you know all the benefits and opportunities mass texting offers, we know you're ready to get started!

We've got you covered for all your bulk SMS and text marketing needs.

Get in touch with us today, sign up for free, and let's make this your most profitable year ever!