How to Improve Bulk SMS Campaigns With an A/B Text Message Test

Blog Image: How to Improve Bulk SMS Campaigns With an A/B Text Message Test

Learn how to amplify your deliverability and engagement when using bulk SMS marketing services by performing a simple A/B text message test.

Are you looking for unique ways to market your brand?

It's important to let people know about your brand in one way or another. With over 5.9 million documented private sector businesses, you're going to need all the advantage you can get. You can always use platforms like social media to market your brand, but the number of companies doing the same thing makes it less likely that your brand gets noticed.

One way to market your brand is by doing a bulk SMS marketing campaign. By this, you can conduct everything from a text message test to a full-scale marketing movement on your smartphone for convenience. This is also a good idea since 45% of the total population owns a smartphone.

With such a big operation, you'll want to ensure that your SMS campaign is a success. Read on to learn how running A/B tests can help you succeed.

What is the Purpose of A/B Testing?

Also known as split testing, this aims to help you to find a more engaging marketing method. This works by having different variants of the same text message to see which one works better. These small changes made in the format or wording can be the difference between a client ignoring your pitches and accepting them.

These also lead to lower unsubscribe rates with your clients. It also increases your response rates as more people are more likely to respond to different variables.

How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign Through Split Testing

A great way to improve your SMS marketing is to produce different and unique variables in your text messages. You'll need to make control groups to see which messages are more effective. You'll want an accurate read on the results, so these groups should have at least 50 people in each group.

Try small changes like changing the format from SMS to MMS. Also, try different sending text messages at different times of the day. This is important as people don't respond while they're busy, and often forget to check again later on.

Even factors like the length of your message, the tone, and the emojis you use can have an impact on the response rate. A great way to keep these factors uniform is to remember the tone of your brand. If you're a friendlier brand than most, it may be acceptable to use emojis and slang in your messages.

Another great way to improve your campaign is to offer special deals in your messages. Again, where you put it may have an impact on engagement and response rate. Put it at the beginning of the message so that people will see it first and develop an interest in the content sooner.

Conduct a Text Message Test to Ensure Success Today

Marketing to your audience can be as easy as sending a text message. You only need to ensure that your texts will deliver a good ROI to succeed. Conduct a text message test and increase your campaign's success today!

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