My SMS Day

Blog Image: My SMS Day

Anyone underestimating the impact and effect that the SMS has on our daily lives will be in for a surprise. We do not realise just how much we have come to depend on the ping our hand held device delivers and the sheer scale and power of communication is shares. In any given day we may receive a selection of messages that not only allow us to communicate with our peers, but also messages that will help shape and drive our day.

At Mobivate we have taken a typical day and mapped the impact the text message has.

Alarm goes off and an SMS reminder to take my daily medication, sent to me via my Dr surgery.
Depending on at what stage of the month we are this SMS is either positive or frightening. It’s the SMS message from my bank with the balance on my current account.
A reminder from the restaurant where I will be entertaining a few very important clients that I have a reservation for 1pm, along with the ability to confirm or reject the reservation.
After a last minute panic online shopping spree to buy the wife a birthday gift, I get a text from my credit card provider confirming that I did indeed engage in this transaction and that it is not fraudulent activity.
SMS from my barber confirming tomorrow’s haircut, again with the ability to reject or confirm the appointment.
Asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey by my insurance company as a series of SMS responses. 5 questions each as an SMS with answers that scale from 1-5.
A text from my mobile service provider informing me that I am nearing the end of my data allowance and that should I want to buy more data I should respond by SMS.
A text from my dad from his 15 year old mobile phone asking whether I will be visiting him and my mum over the weekend. (Without a reject or accept option)
Its Tour de France time and I enter a competition with a plethora of prizes on offer. I receive an SMS from the broadcaster offering me a 3rd free entry should I pay to enter a second time via SMS.
Missed call notification via sms. The number I don’t recognize which is the reason I never took the call.
Password reminder code from Google sent via SMS because today just like every day, I forgot my log in details to my Gmail account and needed to be reminded.
SMS from Amazon notifying me that my package has been delivered, the time that the package was delivered and the fact that it was delivered to my neighbor.
SMS from airline advising me that online check in is now open for my flight later in the week and that I can avail myself of seat choice and priority boarding!
Time to leave the office, public transport a mess so use a local cab company to get home. Cab confirms pick up details Via SMS.
It’s been a long day, and I am ravenous, order a pizza take away. The order is confirmed with approximate delivery time via SMS.
SMS from my gym with a discount code, bring a buddy weekend simply bring buddy and code into gym.

That’s it time to relax and switch off the phone in reality my day on the phone has been light, fewer calls than normal but due to SMS my productivity has been optimised.

As a society we take for granted the number of touch point engagements we have with SMS. In our minds we are so tuned in to data driven services that we forget that just how reliant we have become on the SMS and how important a factor it is in the smooth running of our lives.