The User's Guide to SMS and Mobile Marketing for 2019

Blog Image: The User's Guide to SMS and Mobile Marketing for 2019

Marketing is, hands down, the most important aspect of any business. After all, if people don't know you're out there, they won't be able to purchase your products or services. But, with such a wide range of different marketing mediums available, where is your money best spent?

You've got it. In the current market, mobile and SMS marketing is the way to go. Even if you use other methods, SMS online and bulk text messaging is great for dovetailing with other strategies, and it reaches more customers than any other method. It's personal and direct, helping to strengthen your connections with your current customers and generate new leads.

There are loads of qualities that put SMS marketing heads and shoulders above the other strategies. It's simple and fast. Everybody out there knows how to write a text message, and once you send it, it's delivered instantly. Plus, texting taps into a channel that nearly everyone has access to at all times. Our phones have become a constant feature of our lives, and we can receive texts discreetly even while engaged with other things. Best of all, texts are personal and secure. With an absolute minimum of investment, you can reach the widest audience possible.

Bulk text messaging is a form of mobile marketing. In a world with nearly 8 million mobile devices out there (more devices than people on earth), mobile marketing is a channel guaranteed to reach your customers more effectively than any other medium. Customers are constantly connected to the mobile network and you can tailor your ad strategy to best fit your product. Mobile marketing can tap into contextual and content marketing, social media networking, native advertising, and mobile bulk SMS. More than half of all digital media is tapped into through mobile usage. And, since the eCommerce world has migrated onto the mobile landscape, you can't afford to neglect this channel if you want to stay competitive.

One of the key advantages of mobile marketing is that it allows you to send SMS online and through direct texts. You corner both the internet and text market simultaneously. Plus, you can craft the message to give special offers or info on great new products. A single message can cheaply and quickly reach your entire customer base. It's a personal communication and has a response rate between 15 and 80%. To get best results, know your target customer base and include clear call-to-action buttons to make it easy to move to a conversion.

The best thing about an SMS messaging service is that you can reach your entire customer base, knowing that your message will be received and opened within about four minutes on average. Almost 98% of these messages will be opened and read, which means this is the most effective form of marketing on the market. Since it's become an official marketing channel, you'll need to provide an opt-in option with each message, but this is a great way to spread brand awareness. And, if you do it right, the opt-in statement is a great way to show that you respect and value your customers.

Now that we've covered the benefits of SMS marketing, it's a no-brainer that a bulk SMS service is the way to go. Whether you want to make it the center of your marketing campaign or use it to dovetail with your other strategies, it can extend your reach for pennies per message. This is a channel that lets you keep all your customers updated on important information, showcase new products and deals, and keep engagement active between sales. Plus, it has a global reach and taps into the growing mobile market.

If you're wondering how to send bulk SMS, the first key is to select the right bulk SMS service provider. You'll need to provide them custom text and phone numbers, as well as the time and date of delivery. After that, just choose the desired recipients, filtering them for age, gender, location, and other relevant factors. Your provider then takes over, managing the messaging and the results. You can also monitor the process, keeping up with the speed of conversions.

Bulk SMS marketing is great for direct marketing, newsletters, and email marketing. Plus, you can gamify the process with point collecting, SMS voting, and quizzes. If you get creative about it, there's no limit to how far you can grow your traffic and boost conversions. Plus, by monitoring the results, you can tailor your new campaigns to match customer interest.

If you're interested in expanding your reach and supplementing your marketing campaign with SMS marketing, give us a call. At Mobivate, we're happy to help you grow your reach and make your business as successful as it can be.