Innovative Ideas for SMS Marketing – Part 2

Blog Image: Innovative Ideas for SMS Marketing – Part 2

Last week, I shared a few innovative ideas for bulk SMS marketing. But SMS has so much potential that we were just able to cover the surface. So, let’s look into some more great ideas that tap into the potential of SMS and boost the success of your business.

  • Do customer surveys right!

    Ok. Hands up everyone who loves to get a lengthy survey in your inbox.

    I think I heard a pen drop.

    Customers don’t want to receive a full questionnaire from you. Try to keep your SMS questions short and sweet. Offer incentives for completing these surveys, and make sure to factor the results into your marketing strategy. That’s what surveys are all about.

  • Net grass roots influencers with SMS

    There are some customers who might never speak about your company again. And there are others who will tell everyone they meet. If you’ve been in the field for a while, you know the type. If you want to look at the statistics, only about 20% of your customers will offer referrals to their friends and family. That’s one in every five. These are the people who will write feedback to help you refine your service and do the legwork for customer outreach too. Focus your efforts on them, offering incentives, inside tips, and special deals.

    Bulk SMS is great for finding out which of your customers is on your “unofficial sales team.” Send a short survey with no more than three questions, rated 1-10. Give the customer the opportunity to offer feedback as well. Those who take the time to respond and give good ratings on the survey are ideal for referrals.

  • Use the data you harvest from bulk SMS to personalize your outreach across all media channels

    Personal messages get better responses than generic mass mail. That’s all there is to it.

    When you talk to people as individuals, they become more engaged. This increases brand awareness and shows a greater depth of care for each customer. Once a customer opts in to your bulk SMS, you gather their name and other details that let you personalise your future messages. Plus, you can extend your reach through other channels as well. Import your customer information into your communications over social channels, and you can significantly expand your outreach throughout your social networks.

    Remember that the goal is to treat each customer like your only customer. The personal touch is a major factor in increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. And, if possible, leave the customer pleased when they open your message.

  • Timing is important!

    Think about it. How much attention do most people have for a text message when they’re trying to rush to work? How about during lunch time or in the evening? Since different demographics have different schedules, you’ll have to learn your demographic, sending bulk SMS out at different times and reviewing the analytics on the results.

    Remember that you’re sending an individual communication. That means that you want to be thoughtful about when you call. Look for a few minutes that your target demographic is likely to be open to the message. Get this right, and you can massively increase the effectiveness of your mobile billing campaign.

If you’d like to know more about mobile billing, or if it’s time for your company to expand, feel free to contact us. At Mobivate, we know the world of SMS marketing.