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Premium SMS / Sandbox

Sandbox Testing

Before going live we suggest clients implement using our sandbox. This sandbox acts similar to our main API so you can try working with it. Our sandbox accepts any password/api_key

MO sandbox

For testing the MO webhook you first implement the MO flow and API. You can test it using MO tester. The correct MO response is HTTP status 200 with body containing just 0 (zero).

MT (v2) API sandbox

For our new more flexible MT api v2 the sandbox url is located at:


where aaaaa-bbbbbb-cccccccccccc-dddddddd is hardcoded account id (your own account id would be provider to you later on)

MT (v1) API sandbox

To implement our previous version of the API you can use the following endpoint:


DR sandbox

In order to receive DRs you should attach dr_endpoint parameter to your json payload (DR_ENDPOINT GET parameter for API v1 respectively).

The this parameter is not requested nor recommended for the production API and should be provided to our operations team to be globally.

To produce different DRs, please set the last 3 digits of the recipients MSISDN to the Status code you wish to receive back.


Recipient Status code Description
447000000001 1 Message has been acknowledged by the receiving handset
447000000523 523 The recipient had insufficient credit in their prepaid SIM
447000000540 540 DOI Confirmed by user

The full and up-to-date list can always be found at https://gateway.mobivate.com/response_codes/

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