Developers have 3 options to integrate our API:


One simple API request (URL/endpoint) and you are live. Perfect for quick integration to send SMS messages


The perfect API to send/receive SMS messages and have access to many system features (like opt-out management)


Access every feature we have. Detailed and meticulous API for advanced integrations

Use Cases

For this, Mobivate recommends you use our Simple API.



Mobivate recommends using "mglobal", but other Route IDs are available upon request
11 alpha-numeric sender name or 15 digit number
international formatted mobile/cell number
Text message (160 characters, 70 if containing Unicode (2 bytes) characters)
Your username
Your password

NOTE: Please don't forget to URL Encode parameters if using the HTTP GET method. URL Encoding is NOT required when using HTTP POST!

If your service provider is already integrated with Mobivate SMS, you should be able to configure your API Key on their platform and this should enable you to send SMS directly from the 3rd Party software.

The API Key, you can find on our portal under User Profile section.

If your service provider is not already integrated, you can ask them to do so. It should only take them few minutes to complete the integration using this simple API:

Request URL{API_Key which you provide to them}
Content Type
Post Data (raw)
  "originator" : "TEST",
  "recipient" : "447930000000",
  "body" : "Hello World",
  "routeId" : "mglobal"


(required) Mobivate recommends using "mglobal", but other Route IDs are available upon request
(required) 11 alpha-numeric sender name or 15 digit number
(required) international formatted mobile/cell number
(required) Text message (160 characters, 70 if containing Unicode (2 bytes) characters)
(optional) Campaign ID. Requires an existing Campaign
(optional) Your internal reference

Great! We offer ready-made libraries on our GitHub page

If you require full API documentation, please download the PDF document

Note: For the XML API, all requests should go to

Mobivate is integrated with more than 1'500 apps via Zapier

To verify if the number is valid (active on any network), you can request a Home Location Register (HLR) lookup.

HTTP GET:{msisdn,msisdn,...}&username={your username}&password={your password}

On success, we will return JSON

  results: [
      to: "4474*******",
      mccMnc: "23430",
      imsi: "23430",
      originalNetwork: {
        networkName: "T-Mobile UK (Everything Everywhere Limited)",
        networkPrefix: "74326",
        countryName: "United Kingdom",
        countryPrefix: "44"
      ported: false,
      status: {
        groupId: 3,
        groupName: "DELIVERED",
        id: 5,
        name: "DELIVERED_TO_HANDSET",
        description: "Message delivered to handset"
      error: {
        groupId: 0,
        groupName: "OK",
        id: 0,
        name: "NO_ERROR",
        description: "No Error",
        permanent: false
    { ... },

To verify if the number is valid (active on any network), you can request a Home Location Register (HLR) lookup. Please be aware that this is Asychronous and should be handled one at a time.


On success, we will return XML

You can add or remove your contacts from multiple Mobivate applications in one go by using our proxy API. In this case the MSISDN is used as identifier. Supplied reference is for your identification only.

HTTP GET:{create|delete}?username={username}&password={password}&msisdn={}&applications=appointments,contacts:{listid}

You can create or remove the contacts by its msisdn. You can use these parameters:

Parameter Required Description
username yes The username used to login to Mobivate
password yes The password used to login to Mobivate
msisdn yes Phone number in international format
applications yes Comma separated list of applications to subscribe to / remove from (see below)
name no The contacts name to use
reference no Optional custom reference for the contact, used as callcentre reference id or custom 1 field


Applications are denoted as a comma "," separated list, with colon ":" as the separator between the app name and identification token of the contact group/recurring campaign

The appointment booking app
recurring: CampaignId
The periodic reminder app
contacts: ListId
The main contacts app
callcentre: SetupId
The Callcentre app
optouts: sms / call
Generic optouts

Finding the Identification Tokens


The CampaignId can be obtained as the last numeric parameter of the url while editing the campaign details

Contacts Group

The ContactGroupId is shown on the group details at the bottom of the right column


The SetupId is shown on the setup details at the bottom of the right column


The identification is either sms for sms optouts or calls for robocall optouts

Connect via SMPP

Mobivate is one of the few bulk SMS companies that offer SMPP to its customers. SMPP is best used for large organisations that wish to send large volumes of SMS messages on a continuous basis.

What is SMPP?

SMPP or short message peer to peer is a standard open industry protocol in the telecommunications industry for exchanging SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) and/or External Short Messaging Entities (ESME).

It caters for large volumes of transactions, is fast and extremely flexible as a data transfer and communications interface.

Please contact us directly to arrange SMPP details for you. We will have your SMPP client set up within 24 hours.

SMPP Server Features

Feature Supported
Delivery Receipt YES
7Bit SMS (standard port) YES
7Bit SMS ( non-standard port) NO
Concatenated 7Bit SMS YES
UCS2 (16-Bits Unicode) SMS YES
Concatenated UCS2 SMS YES
8-Bits binaries SMS NO
Concatenated binaries SMS NO
Alert/Flash SMS NO
Alphabetic Originating Address YES
Numeric Originating Address YES
Validity Period NO
Supported TLV
Description Tag Type Usage
dest_subaddress 0x0203 OCTET Route Id

FAQ's for SMPP Connectivity

1.  Systype? CMT
2.  Type of bind: TX/RX or TRX? Either
3.  Window-size? 10
4.  Number of binds allowed? 3
5.  Throughput per bind 20

Mobivate Security and Encryption

Two areas where data security needs to be assessed


Database Servers

Access to our database servers is secured using network Access Control Lists (ACLs) which only allow access from our application server.

Access to our application servers is double layered - a VPN connection is required to access the internal network, and servers are accessible using 1024bit public/private key encryption. We are always improving security and always use best servers on the market.


A company you can trust

On 1 July 2015 we celebrated our 11th year of business and we have NEVER (not once) had any issues with security, data integrity, technical or server security breaches. We have clients like Dominos, Mercedes Benz, Kitty Bingo, top pay day lenders etc. We have access to all of their data but it is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone. Ever!


We offer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have any questions or need any help do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert software engineers are here to help you every step of the way. We will even write the code for you and assist you with your very own scripting.

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