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Mobivate is a bulk SMS marketing specialist company, with world-class software that allows customers to send text messages to an opt-in database for individuals or groups of any size, worldwide.

There is no software to install or download. Simply open your account for FREE, test our powerful, robust user friendly system and when you are happy, fund your account using paypal or your credit card and start sending mass text messages straight away.

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Our Pricing

We will attempt to beat any price! No monthly fees, contracts & minimum spend.


Full of Features

  • Select your own alpha numeric sender name and manage your contact lists through our unique Contact Manager.
  • Send SMS texts immediately or schedule at any time in the time zone you select.
  • Using our mapping tool, personalise every message so the recipient feels that they are special.
  • We allow users to select their delivery routes. Every SMS message is uniquely tracked and your message history will show you the exact status of every text message you send.

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Mobivate is the only company in the world that allows its users to select the route they wish to use to send their messages through, based on reliability and price.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

SMS is the most effective mobile marketing tool in the world and is used by our customers to promote brands, sell products and services, advertise events, communicate with staff and send notifications to customers.

Thousands of businesses are now using Bulk SMS to communicate, advertise and generate revenue. If you are not using SMS… you’re missing out!

Here are some of the key benefits…

  • Instant Communication

    - Mobivate Bulk SMS delivers 90% of the messages sent within 5 seconds.

  • Cost Effective

    - you can send a SMS for 3p or less.

  • High Open Rates

    - 95% of SMS messages sent get read almost immediately.

  • Purely Digital

    - no stamps, envelopes,no printing, paper, damage to the environment.

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Mobile News

Mobivate News

  • Mobivate exhibits at AdTech London 2013 and sponsors the Mobivate AdTech Party at Caborn bar, Old Quebec Street
  • Mobivate improves its worldwide bulk sms solution and pricing.
  • Mobivate continues its roll out in to Africa with its launch in Malawi, Uganda and MT billing in Ghana.

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